How to Judge a Food Contest?

Nowadays, different food contests are being organized around the world due their increasing popularity among common people. Therefore, demand for judges is increasing too. Judging these food contests is very important since success of any food contests mostly depends on the judges. An ideal judge of food contest follows some important guidelines.

Before Contest Starts:

It is important to get a clear idea about food contest rules before the contest starts. Besides, judges must study to have more idea about recipes, foods, ingredients, garnishing, cooking apparatus etc. Try to be as professional as possible and set your personal preferences aside.

During The Contest:

Talk to other judges to know if there is any last-minute change in instructions. Have your judging sheet ready. It is good to judge foods according to their difficulties. Get introduced with the contestants at the beginning of the food contest.

Judging Steps:

Time – First step in judging is to see if the food prepared by contestants is within the time allocated according to the contest rules.

See – Look for the presentation of foods along with color, garnishing etc. The look of food should be attractive. However, do not hesitate to penalize for excessive décor or inappropriate or extra use of garnishing.

Smell – Try to smell the aroma of foods. Also check if there is any burned smell coming from the food. Do not give extra point for using excessive flavoring or seasoning.

Inspect – To get the clear picture of a food you must cut the dish and expose the bottom, middle and top layers along with sides and center to inspect. Look for burned, off-colored, overcooked, undercooked or raw portion in the dish. Also check for evenness in color and cooking. Give more points for even cooking, consistent surface texture & color, pleasant aroma. On the other hand, penalize for soggy, tough, raw, burned spots, crumbling or brittle results, spotty cooking.

Taste – To taste all the dishes prepared by contestants it is important that you keep your hunger even for the last dish to be tasted. Taste for all the ingredients that mentioned in the recipe. Check the flavor if that is too strong. Also check if all the ingredients are perfectly cooked. Find out if there is any ingredient used that is not mentioned. Also penalize for missing ingredients. Try to taste a smallest amount of servings that are enough to judge a dish.

Make Notes –You might forget specific observation about an item after tasting few others. That is why it is important to write down any notes about dishes when you are judging.

Double Check Scores – Double check your scores for different dishes. Do not hesitate to taste again a dish if you are confused about that.

Things to Consider Before Opening a Fast Food Restaurant

Things to Consider Before Opening a Fast Food Restaurant

There is a huge popularity of fast foods among people. Therefore, it is not a bad idea to open a fast food restaurant. However, food is not the only thing that you must consider before opening a fast food restaurant. You have to consider several other factors too.


The first thing you must consider before opening a fast food restaurant is type of food you want to provide. Selling all types of fast foods is not a wise idea. You must decide your specialty in providing foods. For example, Pizza Huts is not popular for selling burgers or chicken fries and you will not go to McDonalds to have a pizza. Therefore, determine what type of food you want be specialized in. It could be sandwiches, burgers, chicken fries, pizzas or any other types of fast food.


Location is important for any small business. Fast food restaurants’ businesses greatly depend on their locations. If your location is not good, it will be tough for you to continue. It is better to choose a location close to office area, schools, colleges, universities, shopping malls etc. You also may consider a location by the highways.


Try to indentify the possible cost associated in starting up the fast food business. Also consider how you will manage that cost. Moreover, it is important to manage the cost until your business makes profit. If you need other investors or bank loans to fund your business, make a business proposal that convinces them.

Health Codes:

You must abide by all the rules and regulations related to health. Therefore, before you open a fast food restaurant, have a clear idea bout those rules. The laws could differ in states to states and country to country.


Different fast food restaurants require different types of equipments to prepare foods. And you might need to spend most of your initial investment buying equipments. Therefore, you may consider leasing those equipments instead of buying if you are starting with a lower amount of money.


Not only foods but also staffs make a restaurant profitable. It is wise to hire highly skilled staff during the beginning of the business to create a strong image of your fast food restaurant. If the image is good, people will come back automatically. Besides, if customers do not get proper service, it is unlikely for them as well as other potential customers to come to your restaurants.


It is important to know your competitors before opening any sort of businesses. Indentify the other fast food outlets in the area where you are planning to open your restaurants. Try to know there strength, weakness, strategies in details.


Must Know About Blueberry Picking

Must Know About Blueberry Picking

I love my work, but sometimes I need to have a break from it all. Staying inside all the time isn’t exactly the healthiest thing to do. I love being outdoors. Fresh air, clear skies, gorgeous foliage–these are the three things I love about going outside. I decided to take a break from all the hard work I have been doing and the constant networking I had to perform for weeks. It is time for me to enjoy myself and do what I love, well, other things that I love.

It has been a while since seeing Mom and Dad. The three of us decided that we should meet at the countryside for a family vacation. Long time since I have been at the countryside, but I know that there will be plenty of things to do there since I enjoy nature and being in its presence. I knew one of the things I wanted to do was hiking. I purchased a pair of hiking footwear not too long ago and they’re very comfortable to wear.

I drove to the Michigan countryside about two hours away from my city. As I got out of the car in the finest jungle boots I’ve ever tried, I walked around the countryside. Beautiful trees, bright green grass, and the shadows of the tree caused by the sunlight flooded my mind with memories as a child. The smell of freshness filled the air.

A car was honking–it was my parents! I haven’t seen them in over a year. You can imagine how we felt as we ran to each other and three of us had a group hug. My mom brought some baskets and it hit me: we are going to pick some blueberries!

My mom called the farm she planned for us to visit. That is one of the first things you should do before you pick fruit. If you do that, you can find out if there are still some left and find out how much it will all cost. Another thing you should do is dress accordingly. Luckily, I prepared ahead of time. I was already wearing sunscreen and still had a bottle of water with me. My clothes were light, so my skin could breathe.

Another tip is to wear a belt. Why? Because you can attach your bucket to your belt while you are picking berries! It makes life a lot easier that way. I always wear a belt, so it was never an issue in the first place.

I found a bush with ripe berries, and started picking! A tip: stick with the same bush or area. You will save time and energy that way. The undersides of the branches are the best areas to get your fruit. Pick them gently with your thumb and palm of your hand.

The time I had with my parents were great. We got our berries, talked a little bit more, and then said our goodbyes. It is those amazing moments that we need to cherish. Create memories no matter your age or what you do as long as it is with the ones you love.

Tasty Milkshake Recipes

Tasty Milkshake Recipes

I have so much fun as a judge. I don’t mean a judge in a courtroom. As a food contest judge, I am able to review all the delicious creations before me. I suppose you can also call me a food connoisseur, better known as a foodie. I was raised in a family that loved to eat, and it was one of the best ways to show how much we loved each other. It wasn’t hard for me to fall in love with this food contest judge position.

I would like to talk about some tasty recipes for milkshakes that not only caught my eye, but my taste buds. I decided to drink milkshakes ever since I noticed I gained a few pounds months ago. I mean, after all those food contests, would you be surprised if I told you I gained some weight? I didn’t think so. Anyway, I decided to go on a diet.

My friend suggested that I use milkshakes as a way to drop weight. I read a lot about protein supplementation that it made sense to drink them. They are easy to eat, easy to make, and chock full of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin D and calcium. I can definitely get all my macronutrients in a couple of glasses with a straw. Might as well give it a try, right?

So, after reading the special info, I made my first protein milkshake. I could not even tell you how yummy it was. The grape-berry protein shake was to die for! Words are not sufficient to illustrate what I experienced tasting. I blended some red seedless grapes, flaxseed oil, blueberries, and a couple scoops of my favorite protein powder with some water. Best. Berry. Drink. Ever. Oh, and it had 25 grams of protein in a single glass.

The second day, I tried out another delicious shake called the orange creamsicle protein smoothie. Frozen orange juice combined with protein powder, ice, banana, almond milk, and honey just brought memories of eating orange creamsicles on a hot summer day. This will definitely cool you off, and the drink packs a punch with bold flavor and 29 grams of protein.

Okay, I will admit it. I did go and have another smoothie later that day. Only, it wasn’t the same milkshake from before. I read about this recipe using my newly bought chocolate-flavored protein powder, vanilla extract, a banana, unsweetened almond milk, and xanthan gum. Xanthan gum is responsible of making the protein frosty shake so thick and creamy in consistency. All it took was one sip, just one, and I was automatically in love with it. I think it is because it lives up to its name. It reminds me of this fast food place I used to go to as a kid. They had these thick frosty chocolate shakes that were so thick, you had to get rid of the straw and use a spoon! Luckily, I was able to sip this sweet nectar without a problem.

I encourage you to go drink these delicious shakes my friend recommended, as well as search the recipes if you want. I lost about 20 pounds in 2 months. It may not sound like a lot, but considering being a food contest judge, it is pretty impressive since I am exposed to food constantly. Go and have a glass!

Archer’s Eating Tips

Archer’s Eating Tips

Many athletes would benefit from a specialized diet high in the vitamins and minerals their bodies burn through during normal activities. Bodybuilders, for example, benefit greatly from diets high in protein since they’re trying to build muscle. There are some foods which are especially good for archers as well, some of which will make immediate sense while others may take some explanation to really understand. That’s what I want to take the opportunity to talk about today. Even if you prefer guns and bullets to bows and arrows, these foods could help improve your shooting either way, so don’t look away just yet.

I’ll start with the basics. Vitamin A is very important to a person’s eyes, and archers need their eyes to line up accurate shots over long distances, as well as to see things up close, like the nock on an arrow which must be fitted over the bowstring before firing. Bad eyesight makes bad archers. The cure for this is foods high in vitamin A. These include carrots, which are very well known as vitamin A gold mines, but there are other foods.

Look to sweet potatoes too. Per 100 grams of sweet potato flesh (not skin), you get about 375% of your daily vitamin A intake, which actually makes sweet potatoes a better source of the eye-enriching vitamin than carrots, by weight. Many types of squash are loaded with vitamin A as well, but cooked butternut squash may have the highest concentration, with 223% of your vitamin A daily value in 100 grams of squash. If you’re not already eating them, you’ll want to try incorporating kale, romaine lettuce, apricots and Bluefin tuna into your diet, as these are all excellent sources of vitamin A too.

A steady hand is as important to an archer as being able to see his or her target. If your nerves are jumpy, or you twitch right when firing or you can’t handle the bow you’re using without difficulty, all of these points will work to your detriment when trying to land an arrow. While I can’t think of any foods to remedy this off the top of my head, there’s a much easier way to get past the jitters. If you are new to archery, you should use a beginner’s archery bow, and not jump into a professional league; find more info about how to choose the right bow at specialized websites.

I’ve seen it plenty of times before and I’m sure I’ll see it again in the future – some guy who’s big and admittedly somewhat strong thinks he can use a massive bow, but finds he’s unable to even pull back the drawstring readily. This can lead to misfires, or even worse, dry fires, which direct the energy stored in the string throughout the bow itself, rather than the arrow, since nothing is actually fired.

I can’t stress this enough. It may not be about food, but you should absolutely find out the force test for a bow and string before you try using them. Many bows require between 10 and 20 pounds of pull, but some go as high as 50 pounds, or even higher.

Prepare Newly Acquired Duck

Prepare Newly Acquired Duck

Birds make for good eating, all right. Most people have experience with roasting or otherwise cooking chickens and maybe even turkeys thanks to their popularity during the Thanksgiving holiday. What about duck? Preparing a newly acquired duck, a fresh one that was just shot down and not some frozen bird from a grocery store, takes a bit of time. It also takes knowledge of what to look for when dressing your duck. The process has a clear beginning, end and middle though, so let me walk you through it and tell you a bit more about preparing duck.

For starters, look to other birds. If you’ve never had cashew chicken before, it’s something I recommend you try. Adding the right food item to your duck while it is cooking can seriously enhance the flavor and elevate the quality of your meal. Me, I like to use orange slices under the bird and some ground zest to sprinkle over it. The citrus fruit’s acidity helps to cut through the fat, so to speak – duck is some of the fattiest poultry as far as I’ve seen; there’s a lot of grease when you cook one.

I’ve cooked plenty of ducks too. My husband is a hunter and he utilizes a rangefinder for hunting for the best duck. Click to investigate about rangefinders. Even with those tools and his years of experience in hunting duck, the birds he brings home are still fatty, greasy things, so the oranges really help with that. At least, they help when you’re roasting or baking the duck. If you’re cooking over a grill, it’s a bit more difficult to add these things, since they’ll pretty easily fall through the grating separating your meat from your heat source.

As for that, if you prefer to grill, then I would recommend cherry wood chips or chunks when grilling your duck. Cherry is sweet but has a kind of dark flavor to it – its taste is very different from that of mesquite chips. Cherry wood also makes plenty of smoke, unlike some other wood types that you can burn and burn and you barely get a puff. It will saturate your duck meat like few other wood types can. If you’re going to grill it, you should do a little precooking in your oven anyhow, since grills are great for preparing bits of meat but not so good when there are lots of bones involved.

Going back to the baking and roasting for a moment, don’t forget that you can stuff a duck just like a turkey. Once the giblets have been removed, feel free to stuff the body cavity with broken up bits of bread, maybe some sage or thyme for seasoning to really bring out the duck flavor, with just a couple water chestnuts sliced or chopped into itty bitty, unrecognizable pieces. You’ll know what they are when you bite into them of course, but you don’t want large pieces of chestnut to dominate the stuffing.

Certainly, there are other good ways to prepare a duck. These are just some of my favorite cooking methods and additions. Do you have a favorite way to prepare duck or other poultry?

How to Win Competitive Eating Contests

How to Win Competitive Eating Contests

I’m a major foodie, so I guess it only makes sense that I’ve been to a fair share of competitive eating contests. Usually it’s just to watch other people stuffing their faces, but I’ve also actively participated in a contest before. It was a pizza eating contest and I do love pizza, so I guess I had a natural advantage over the other eaters. I won that time and got a serger for my efforts – get the facts about serger and read the full info here about what serger I won.

I’m skipping any details here since most of the people who visit my blog are looking to read about food, not sewing machines. That said, I think it’s a good time to get back to the topic, which is how to win competitive eating contests. I didn’t undergo any special training, but I probably should have and I realize how lucky I was to win against other people doing some of the things I’m going to mention here. The best place to start, I think, is with a popular bit of competitive eating myth.

Cutting back on the amount you eat before an eating contest is not the way to gain an edge. When you eat less than normal, your stomach literally shrinks a bit because it isn’t working at capacity like it ought to be. If this goes on for a long time, your stomach can actually lose inches of itself as the elastic bits pull in and the organ compacts itself. I don’t think I need to tell you that having less room to put food into means you can take in less food, but I’ve gone and said it just in case.

So don’t starve yourself in the days or weeks leading up to a competitive eating contest. Instead, you should actually be eating more than you regularly do. It doesn’t have to be high calorie food either – you could load up on stuff which is basically free and full of fiber, like all kinds of vegetables for instance. You’ll keep your stomach stretched and ready to accept a greater load of food than normal, and you’ll also not blow up and gain a bunch of weight because of it.

Lots of people think competitive eaters are just gluttons, but that’s not true. It’s a physical test, just like many other sports, where the player (or eater in this case) must outperform the other people they are playing against to win. Any edge can help you to beat your opponent, but keeping your stomach stretched is no little edge.

Last but not least, make sure you don’t load up on water during the event. Sure, they provide you with all the water you can drink, but in my experience, that’s to help the food go down more quickly. If your stomach gets full of water, you’ll be cramping or busting your gut long before you can claim a victory in any competitive eating contest. That said, don’t be afraid to reach for your cup if taking a drink means you’ll be able to move ahead and keep eating.

How to Eat for Long Rides

How to Eat for Long Rides

There’s nothing like a long ride to work many of the body’s muscles and get a person the exercise they need to stay fit. Regardless of the device being used, the mechanics are pretty much the same – legs pump to propel a person forward while everything above the waist works to keep the person balanced on whatever they’re riding. That’s right; you can ride not only a bicycle but also a longboard – check out this useful source about riding a longboard and see more hints about longboard brands.

However you decide to get around, your body is going to need the proper fuel to weather the trip. There’s a certain way to eat for long rides, certain foods you’ll want to choose over others because of the energy they provide or due to other positive or beneficial qualities possessed by those foods. For starters, nuts, raisins and a bit of chocolate all mixed together really work wonders. It’s no surprise at all that so many different types of trail mix feature a combination of these things, with some additions here and there.

That’s because nuts are one of the best energy sources in the world. They’re liberally loaded with calories, especially from fat, but this natural plant fat tends to be much healthier for the eater than fat from, say, a chicken. Likewise, raisins are great energy food which is high in simple sugars the body can easily break down and convert into energy. There is a surprising amount of sugar in raisins – a 43 gram box of raisins contains nearly 25 grams of sugars!

Lastly, we come to the chocolate. Lots of people overeat chocolate – the stuff is just so good. But a moderate amount, blended into a mix of other foods like I’ve already outlined, is actually very healthy for a person. Chocolate has been proven to reduce inflammation in the body, which is just a fancy way of saying the stuff cuts down swelling. It’s also pretty much guaranteed to elevate the mood of the person who eats it. That little boost can be the difference between finishing your major ride and quitting with a couple miles to go thanks to frustration over the heat, sweating or a number of other nuisances.

Individually, any of these three foods makes a good choice for someone who is mobile and looking for a quick food fix. If you pair any food with any other one, then you’re doing a little better. However, it’s only when you combine all three into a single mixture that you get the benefits of fast energy now from the raisins, delayed energy later from the nuts, and another bit of sugar to go with the positive health effects of eating a little chocolate.

Therefore, I have a recommendation to you or anyone you know who may be contemplating a long ride. Don’t just buy a mix like this from a grocery or convenience store. You never really know what you’re getting, but I guarantee you’re overpaying for it. If you buy the three items individually and them mix them together yourself, you know the ratios going in and you can save some money while you’re at it.

Best Foods for Active Lifestyle

Best Foods for Active Lifestyle

For those with highly active lifestyles, there are some foods to avoid and some foods which should absolutely be included in a daily diet. Some of these might be pretty surprising. For instance, normally people try to avoid carbohydrates which convert into fat if they don’t get burned up, but someone who’s constantly on the go will want to eat even more carbs, since they’re actively using the energy they take into their bodies. Still, there are good and bad carbs, as well as other foods which are good and bad for those who are very active.

It’s important to realize what kind of activity you’re talking about, too. If it’s a lot of strenuous lifting, pushing, pulling, a lot of work with heavy loads, then you’ll be using a lot of muscles regularly. Protein would be your best friend in such a situation. Good sources of protein include just about every type of bean, as well as fish, some dairy products, many meat items and some other foods. Naturally, the lower calorie beans and fish will be better choices than the meat and dairy, since they both provide a comparable amount of protein while the latter items contain much more fat and cholesterol.

If you’re going to be on your feet but not really stressing any part of your body, you’re going to want to lean more towards foods that provide quick energy than foods which will help to build muscle. That means looking for more carbohydrates and not so much protein or fat. Now don’t get me wrong, fat is not the enemy. Eating too much of it is – but so is eating too much food high in carbohydrates or protein. I’ll cover that a little more in a bit, but again, let’s say you work on an assembly line turning screws or pounding nails, for example. That kind of work demands a lot of energy but not so much effort.

Therefore, you’ll want to load up on fruits which are naturally high in sugar and energy. Grapes are a favorite of mine, but only if I’m going to exercise immediately after eating them. Several different types of noodles might also work here, but make sure they are crafted from whole grains and not milled, bleached garbage. That way they will make you feel fuller sooner thanks to the fiber and other filler included. Then you won’t eat as much, which is always a good way to cut down on your calorie intake.

If you’re a gym devotee, you’ll want to check the link right here now to learn about other equipment that might be good for you. I covered them a little bit up above when I was talking about foods that are good for strenuous lifting and all that, but there’s a lot more information available out there than what I’ve got gathered here.

There’s just one last thing, now. In general, you’re going to be better off going for foods high in fiber. Foods like whole grain rolled oats, cereals and some fruits and vegetables (especially beans and legumes) are almost always good choices, whether you’re living an active lifestyle or not.

Filling Up My Tummy With BBQ

Filling Up My Tummy With BBQ

I had the opportunity to judge a wide variety of steaks and BBQ specialties at a contest in Memphis, where barbecue is a major part of this city’s lifestyle. The cooks at this contest put their hearts, hands and minds into preparing the foods and it showed in the way the meals tasted.

Before judging the meals I walked around the downtown part of Memphis and I saw street performers who sang, danced and clapped to traditional blues music. This is interesting because many British music legends such as Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles were heavily influenced by blues music. After a few hours downtown, I returned to Memphis to judge the BBQ.

Start With The Steaks

The competition started with a tasting of different steaks and there were contestants from the United States, the UK, Canada, parts of Africa and from countries in Latin America. One steak I had from an American contestant was interesting in that he served fried steak with creamy avocado-basil salsa, and while I loved the salsa, the steak was a bit bland and was so rare that I wonder if he only grilled it for two minutes as this was a huge steak.

The Canadian contestant served his steak just the way I like it; medium rare with loads of black pepper and minimum salt. He also put a little spicy horseradish sauce on the side instead on top like some restaurants do, which gets me upset.

An UK contestant served a small and thin steak with plenty of flavor but he included no side condiment or side dish such as cheese potatoes. I picked the Canadian contestant as the winner of the steak contest.

BBQ Ribs

Now it was time to judge the BBQ ribs made on fine smokers – once again I judged the same contestants. The American contestant served habanero-lime BBQ ribs and I must say that although I love spicy food, these ribs were out of my comfort level  yet they were delicious.

From the Canadian contestant I sampled Thai flavored ribs that were soaked in coconut milk before rubbed with cardamom, curry powder, ginger, turmeric, cayenne pepper, black pepper, and a little honey. I had a blast with these ribs but somehow they were not that original in my opinion.

Moving on to the ribs from the UK contestant, I had Italian-style ribs which were seasoned with traditional Italian herbs such as thyme, oregano, basil and parsley. This contestant also served fried spaghetti fritters, which tasted good. In the end I chose the American contestant as the winner.

Talking Amongst The Crowd

One thing I loved about judging in the contest and attending the festival in general is talking with the crowd. By this time the winners were chosen and I talked with festival goers who were home cooks themselves.

One cook told me that when she first prepared a plate of BBQ chicken and chunky potato salad for the man who is now her husband on their second date, he started preparing the marriage proposal. That was 40 years ago and judging from his plump belly, he never regretted the proposal.


Fish, Fish And More Fish

Fish, Fish And More Fish

This time I’m in Pensacola to judge a fish contest and what’s interesting about this contest is that the contestants are cooking only with fish that the staff caught by getting help from the best fish finder which they got from The staff members uploaded the fish finder and typed in “Pensacola.” The fish finder led the staff to eight locations for the fish and they arrived to the competition with three bags of fish for contestants to choose and cook with. I can smell the freshness of the fish and I saw so many diverse ingredients at the competition site.

Shrimp Dishes

The first contest dealt with shrimp and I needed to judge each dish on taste, texture, presentation and uniqueness. The first dish I tried was shrimp and calamari salad with Vidalia lemon dressing. I loved the combination of the shrimp and calamari and the dressing had a tangy taste to it. After that I tried the shrimp and smoked salmon mini pot pies and I couldn’t get enough of those. I tried the shrimp and green bell pepper wraps in whole wheat pita pockets but I wasn’t crazy about them. In the end I voted for the shrimp mini pot pies and I really hope the contestant decides to sell them in stores nationwide because they taste great.


The only thing I don’t like about trout is all of the bones in them but overall trout is a good fish to have. I tried a baked trout with Indian pineapple curry and it was served with fingerling potatoes. I thought this was very delicious and I wanted seconds. The next trout dish I sampled was trout and oyster gumbo, and since I’m from Louisiana I was eager to eat it.I must say I was a bit skeptical but actually it tasted wonderful. Finally, I tried the smoked trout with roasted white corn and pickle salsa and of all the trout dishes, this was the most amazing. I voted for this dish in the trout contest.


You can do so much with crabmeat and that’s why I cook with it a lot. The first crabmeat dish I tried was the crabmeat burgers on foccaccia bread and it was interesting. The next crabmeat dish I ate was crabmeat inside of chicken broth-flavored gelatin molds with onion dip. This was a little taxing because I actually hate savory gelatin but I love fruit gelatin.


Overall the fish contest was fantastic and I had a great time judging the meals. As a food judge I get to attend and participate in different contests throughout the year. Some contests are more exciting than others but overall I love what I do. Sometimes I have to spend quite a bit of time in the CrossFit gym doing WODs from CrossFitWay but I’m not obsessed with weight control. As long as I have good health overall I’m not worried. The best part is that I can attend these contests for free.

What natural foods are good with CrossFit?

What natural foods are good with CrossFit?

The popularity of CrossFit training is increasing day by day. Most of the athletes, bodybuilders, martial artists and government forces are combining CrossFit training with their regular training. CrossFit improves body strength and endurance along with improved fitness. However, if proper diet is not taken, you might not get the desired result. You must be aware of the foods that are good with CrossFit and that are not. It is better to depend mostly on natural diets for CrossFit like Paleo diet. Some natural foods that are good with CrossFit are discussed here.

Eat Plenty of Vegetables:

It is good to eat plenty of garden vegetables (Except beans, corns and potatoes). Vegetables contain wide range of vitamins and minerals and do not spike insulin. At the same time they fill you up. They also help keep acid-base balance in your body. Some healthy vegetables are – broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce, cucumber, green peas, beans, tomato, mushroom, carrot, pumpkin, lentils, spinach, butternut squash, soya beans and so on.

Eat Natural Foods That Contains Fat:

It is also important to intake sufficient amount of fat too since fat is essential to body. That is why eat any seeds or nuts except peanuts. You can eat them either raw or lightly roasted. Besides, you can also eat olives or avocados. Fatty natural foods help keep the ratio of omega 3/6/9 normal. These foods ensure healthy blood circulation and have anti-inflammatory elements.

Eat Some Fruits:

You can eat any fresh fruits. Fruits are full of nutrients and good for human health. However, insulin level could be raised if too much fruits are eaten. If you want to lose weight or have diabetic conditions, do not eat too much of fruits and avoid any juices. Try to eat an amount of fruits that is less than the amount of vegetable you eat. Some natural healthy fruits are – apricots, apples, oranges, raisins, strawberries, blueberries, pears, plums, grapes, pineapples, cherries, peaches etc.

Foods That Should Be Avoided:

You must avoid excessive consumption of foods that contain high glycemic carbohydrates. High glycemic carbohydrates could cause severe health problems. Foods containing high glycemic carbohydrates rapidly raise the sugar level in human blood. The foods that contain high glycemic carbohydrates are – potatoes, rice and most of the carbohydrates that are processed from natural grains. Processing like refining, grinding, baking, bleaching of carbohydrates amplify the amount of glycemic carbohydrates in foods.

Gear up:

Try to get some Crossfit gear. It is important to choose only the best crossfit shoes and equipment possible to get maximum results from your workout. Eat healthy food, workout regularly and get in the best shape of your life.

What natural foods can you grow at home?

What natural foods can you grow at home?

People are becoming very conscious day by day about their foods. This is because many harmful chemical are being used to grow many natural foods. Therefore, many people are growing natural foods on their own at home. It not necessary for you to be a farmer to grow few plants at home. Spending a portion of your leisure time can make that possible. Growing natural foods at home you can eat fresh and healthy foods. At the same time you can save your money that you would otherwise spend to buy those foods. Few natural foods that can be grown at home are discussed here.


You can grow cauliflower in your garden quite easily. Remember cauliflowers needs fertile soil that has well drainage facilities. It is better to add some fertilizer to the soil well in advance before cultivating cauliflower. Shelter spot increases the growth of cauliflower. Do not forget to water them time to time.


It is quite easy to grow ginger at home. Just buy some ginger chunks and cover them with soil at pots or in the garden facing the freshest bud up. Ensure indirect sunlight for best result.


Growing broccoli is much more similar to growing cauliflower at home. Broccoli needs the same soil condition as cauliflower needs. It is wise to cultivate broccoli after every two years for best growth at the same soil.


This is another common and popular vegetable that you can grow at your home in abundance. Potato best grows in worm and moist place. Make sure the soil has proper drainage facilities as sogginess could hamper growth of them. Ensure the maximum sunlight for the soil possible.


Autumn is the best time to grow blackberries. At this time of the year blackberry plants get sufficient sunlight without over exposing roots. Make an arch for the blackberry bush to grow. Add some fertilizer to the soil at spring. Do not forget to water them time to time but make sure the soil does not get soggy.


Sandy soil is ideal for growing asparagus. Find a sheltered but open place for their bed. You can grow them from both seeds and crowns. Make the bed for asparagus raised.


Once you grow an apple tree in your garden, you do not to buy apples from market for many years. Before you plant a apple tree make sure the soil is well fertilized. You can use organic materials or compost to the soil. Make a wide hole into the soil to plant the young tree. You can put some compost at the bottom of that hole for better growth. Gently fill the hole with soil mixed with compost.

What diet should you follow best for BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu)?

What diet should you follow best for BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu)?

Diet is very important for any high intensity training like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Without having proper diet you can not achieve the desired goal during competitions or trainings. Besides, you might face some skin problems, digestive problems or might gain excessive body fat if you neglect your diet for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. However, most of the people who are doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu do not have clear idea about what to eat and what not to. Therefore, the best diet you should follow for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is discussed here.

Have Breakfast:

It is important to energize yourself at the start of the day by having a healthy breakfast. You will feel much more energy and less hungry throughout the day. Skipping breakfast is highly prohibited if you are training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The best breakfast could be cottage cheese, smoothies and omelets.

Take Meal After Every Three Hours:

Make sure you eat after every three hours throughout the day. It will provide sufficient energy for your training and you will always be full. It is better to eat at fixed times though you feel hungry at those certain times.

Include Protein In Every Meal:

Protein in food is a must for muscle. It is important you eat protein with all the meals you take throughout the day. For protein you may have red meat like buffalo, pork, lamb, beef etc and poultry like duck turkey or chicken. Besides, you can also get protein from eggs, milk or cottage cheeses or from fishes like sardines, salmon, tunas etc.

Eat Vegetables and Fruits:

Most of the garden vegetables and fruits contain very low calorie and therefore, you can have them as much as you like. They also contain anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins in plenty. You will not gain any fat or weight eating them with every meal.

Do Not Forget to Eat Carbs:

Though many people get fat eating excessive carbohydrates, still it is important to eat them in right amount. It is better to take them after workout.

Intake Fats:

You must eat sufficient amount of healthy fat too to recover the fat loss because of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training. Healthy fats also help improve your health.

Hydrate Yourself:

Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Because of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training your body looses water which could cause problem in muscle recovery. Try to drink four to five liters of water throughout the day. It will help you lessen the hunger during your training too.

Have Whole Foods:

Try to avoid refined or processed foods. It is better to eat whole foods that come in their natural states.