10 Nice & Workout Wise Healthy Food Snacks

10 Nice & Workout Wise Healthy Food Snacks

If you currently perform any workout routine or planning for it in the near future, and are looking for advice on healthy dieting that should be a part of it, read on. Following are some great food items that you should opt for:

Note: this list is divided into pre and post workout snacks, 5 for each:

The “Pre” Snacks

Here is a very interesting point that few people are aware of: Your body builds muscle and performs recovery throughout the day, and not just during your gym sessions. Moreover, nature has truly blessed us with an amazingly functioning body. And this is even more evident from the fact that by consuming snacks in a perfectly timed manner, we will give ourselves the fuel we require to recover and to burn fat. Also, by doing so, we can increase our muscle in the best of manners.

By eating pre-workout, it is meant that you consume a snack an hour or thirty minutes before beginning your routine. This depends on your snack’s content and proportion, and that either your stomach is grumbling a lot or not.

So, here are 5 pre-workout items that you should definitely opt for:

tasty looking fruit in a cup1) The Fruit Cup

If you prefer to keep your diet simple, try consuming a good blend of fruits before your routine. You can opt for a cup containing oranges, berries mixed with a touch of banana. But while making the cup, just make sure that you put all the ingredients in fairly equal quantity. Additionally, other fruits may also be added but this must be consumed fresh.

2) The “Dried” Fruit Cup

If you love dry fruits, here is some good news for you: They will surely be of help to you with your workout. On your behalf, you should try a quarter cup of apricots and berries – both dried.

3) Toast and boiled eggs

As per many nutrition experts, eggs are truly a wonderful gift of nature that provides us a whole bunch of energy. So if you are a fan of this food and prefer consuming it on a regular basis, try eating it before your workout. You can go for either a single or 2 eggs (should be hard-boiled) along with a whole-wheat toast.

4) The Energy Bar

While searching for a bar, you will find tons of items throughout the market. On your behalf, you should go for something that features the highest ratio of natural ingredients. Here, many experts suggest that you should look out for the bar’s protein count. But besides this, it will also be wise to have a closer look at its sugar content and make sure it does not resemble any sugar coated candy.

5) Sports drink

That’s right, a good sports drink consumed before the workout is a fine option, and will bring a positive change to your body. But,, keep in mind that you should prefer a drink that features less than ten grams in sugar content. Also, besides keeping an eye on sugar, you must also drink an appropriate quantity of the drink. Here it is generally recommended that you consume 8 ounces a day.

The “Post” Snacks

A lot of visitors to the gym consume a food for fitness after their workout session. This is since it aids them in their building of muscle as well as the restoration of physical energy.

Following are some great snacks that will suit you best after your workout session:

The Monkey Shake

Here is a great shake recipe that will surely make you feel energetic after your hectic workout training session:

Recipe: Mix a single banana (medium sized and sliced) with a tablespoon of your favorite peanut butter and with a single cup of chocolate milk (this should be low in its fat content). Combine it with ice and enjoy.

The Banana-rama

If you enjoy eating bananas and want to make it a part of your dietary routine, this recipe is probably as simple as it can get to give you a quality workout food.

Recipe: Go for a mid-sliced banana with a single cup of milk, but make sure the dairy item is low in fat.

The Protein Bar

If you crave for a quick-to-eat diet that you can buy from a store, go for a well-known protein bar. But while doing so, you need to make sure you check the sugar content of the bar. For starters, it will be best if you opt for an item that features fewer than ten grams in sugar and in between ten to thirty grams in that all-essential protein. Also, try to opt for a bar that features fewer amounts of those contents/ingredients whose names are difficult to spell. And if you are still unsure as to which bar to opt for, feel free to ask any health professional or a gym expert about it. Chances are that you will get more recommendations than your expectations.

Cereal and Milk

Great many health or nutrition experts recommend the consumption of the right cereal to health-conscious individuals. Therefore, if you are opting for a healthy diet yourself, never rule it out from your menu. You can mix a cup of cereal with milk – in which the former should be whole-grain and the later be low-fat – for your dietary consumption. All of this will be simple and also easy to make.

Chocolate Milk

If you prefer consuming extra dosage of protein and carbs then go for chocolate milk. But while doing so, just make sure that the item is low in fat. The market is full of chocolate milk items. Therefore it is a must for you to be very selective and pick the right item.

All in all, with the addition of the right food items in your workout plan – either before performing workout or after it – you will certainly make the most out of your routine. Also, make sure that you avoid eating street food. And if you are still unsure as to which food item to opt for, never hesitate in consulting a professional for advice.