7 Secrets To An Organized Kitchen

7 Secrets To An Organized Kitchen

When cooking your meal, do you find yourself running around your kitchen looking for ingredients or cooking equipment? How does your kitchen look like after each meal? Does it look like a disaster?

Here let me share with you some tips on how to keep your kitchen clean so that you can enjoy your meals faster.

  1. Think of your home kitchen as if it’s a restaurant kitchen.

Restaurant kitchens serve hundreds of meals a day in just a limited space. Ever wondered how they make it possible? They have efficient work stations to maximize the space. You can also do this in your kitchen.

Create an assembly line approach in your kitchen. The first section is the washing station where you will clean up all stuff. Next is the prep station where you cut and chop ingredients, followed by the cooking station and finally cooling area.

  1. Gather all supplies, ingredients and equipment before you begin.

Instead of running around your kitchen for every ingredient or tool that you will need, you can save time if you gather them all before even starting the preparation. To make cooking much easier, you should also consider investing on basic cooking tools and kitchen equipment like those reviewed here at Sink HQ.

  1. Ensure an efficient work station.

Optimizing your kitchen means keep everything within arm’s reach while you cook. It is recommended that you put commonly used kitchen tools and equipment around your prep station. Place your seasonings in the nearest cupboard, all the tools in a nearby drawer and prep bowls just within the kitchen cabinet. This should spare you precious minutes and also keep your kitchen organized while cooking.

  1. Use mixing bowls.

Ever wondered why cooking shows always have prep bowls? That’s not just for show; it actually helps keep the entire process of preparing the foods more organized and faster. And because of this, prep bowls are awesome and essential kitchen equipment. Don’t worry about aftercare as they are very easy to wash, stack and store.

  1. Place a trash bowl near your prep station.

Make sure you have a trash bin at your prep station. All food trash goes right into the trash bin. No need to run back and forth between your prep station and your trash can. This will definitely help minimize clutter in your kitchen.

  1. As much as possible, use fewer dishes.

I am among those who don’t love doing dishes. So, I always try to minimize on dishes when preparing meals. And I’ve always found this tip very useful as it cuts the number of hours I need to clean up after cooking. Instead of pulling out new dish, I use the cutting board or lay out parchment paper so I’m able to limit the number of dishes I need to clean up after.

  1. Clean up immediately.

You don’t have to wait for the entire cooking process to get done before you can clean up. For sure there would be idle time such as while waiting for the pot to boil or the meat to soften. Use these idle moments to organize and clean up your kitchen. I bet after care would be much faster and easier! And best of all, your kitchen will remain clean!