Adding spices to our food

Some people just love food. Food is an inseparable part of our lives. Food gives us the energy to do our day to day activities and also help us maintain our health and keeps us fit. It is the source of energy for our body. Without food one can‘t survive the world. It is the source of all necessary nutrition in our body. But this does not mean in any way that we can eat anything in anyway available. Food apart from being eatable should fit our taste.

Taste is an important factor that determines our food selection. Food needs to be of the right taste. Without the food being tasty it would not be able to pass down from our throats. The selection and the choice of food is what make us different from animals. Animals eat what they get. But that cannot happen in our case. Surely it cannot.

Spices have been of great importance once it comes to make food tasty. Spices add to both the flavor and color of the food and make them more delicious than ever. When man discovered that food that he acquired from nature could not be eaten u raw then he started to find out ways and means to tackle the problem. Not all food could be eaten taw by human beings. If could be eaten then the problem arose with digestion as the stomach of human beings is not built up to digest raw carbohydrate. That is why we cannot eat leaves and hays and grasses raw, directly from the plant. We also can’t eat potatoes and wheat and rice raw. We need to cook them before we can eat them.

Once man acquired the knowledge of cooking food, they began the tryst to make food tastier and more delicious for their consumption. And the one thing that remained the same in the ingredients though the ages without change is the spices.

Spices are the measure of the taste for any food. When we add salt in any food preparation, the taste and the color of that dish changes entirely. Salt is a basic ingredient for any dish. Too much of it or less of it can change the preparation for absolute disaster. Salt is also associated with our health. Consumption of too much salt will add too much of ions in to the blood stream of our body and thus our blood pressure will increase. Chilies also excite us. Chilies are the one thing that can make you dance on your toes. Its superb burning sensation can make you jump and sweat and even cry or laugh like a mad man. These kinds of spices are like the modern digital multimeter of our body. They could track and trace the tolerance level of ours and could easily tell us how much long we can we survive in an uncomfortable situation. Chilies can definitely do that.

Other spices that we regularly use in our food are turmeric and cinnamon, cardamom among others. They both add to the taste and have anti septic and other medicinal advantages as well.

Spices are really important for us. It really means a lot for the human race. The British got the Indian subcontinent under leash for spices, for god’s sake! Remember?