Best Foods for Active Lifestyle

Best Foods for Active Lifestyle

For those with highly active lifestyles, there are some foods to avoid and some foods which should absolutely be included in a daily diet. Some of these might be pretty surprising. For instance, normally people try to avoid carbohydrates which convert into fat if they don’t get burned up, but someone who’s constantly on the go will want to eat even more carbs, since they’re actively using the energy they take into their bodies. Still, there are good and bad carbs, as well as other foods which are good and bad for those who are very active.

It’s important to realize what kind of activity you’re talking about, too. If it’s a lot of strenuous lifting, pushing, pulling, a lot of work with heavy loads, then you’ll be using a lot of muscles regularly. Protein would be your best friend in such a situation. Good sources of protein include just about every type of bean, as well as fish, some dairy products, many meat items and some other foods. Naturally, the lower calorie beans and fish will be better choices than the meat and dairy, since they both provide a comparable amount of protein while the latter items contain much more fat and cholesterol.

If you’re going to be on your feet but not really stressing any part of your body, you’re going to want to lean more towards foods that provide quick energy than foods which will help to build muscle. That means looking for more carbohydrates and not so much protein or fat. Now don’t get me wrong, fat is not the enemy. Eating too much of it is – but so is eating too much food high in carbohydrates or protein. I’ll cover that a little more in a bit, but again, let’s say you work on an assembly line turning screws or pounding nails, for example. That kind of work demands a lot of energy but not so much effort.

Therefore, you’ll want to load up on fruits which are naturally high in sugar and energy. Grapes are a favorite of mine, but only if I’m going to exercise immediately after eating them. Several different types of noodles might also work here, but make sure they are crafted from whole grains and not milled, bleached garbage. That way they will make you feel fuller sooner thanks to the fiber and other filler included. Then you won’t eat as much, which is always a good way to cut down on your calorie intake.

If you’re a gym devotee, you’ll want to check the link right here now to learn about other equipment that might be good for you. I covered them a little bit up above when I was talking about foods that are good for strenuous lifting and all that, but there’s a lot more information available out there than what I’ve got gathered here.

There’s just one last thing, now. In general, you’re going to be better off going for foods high in fiber. Foods like whole grain rolled oats, cereals and some fruits and vegetables (especially beans and legumes) are almost always good choices, whether you’re living an active lifestyle or not.