5 Can’t-Miss Sports Bars That Offer the Best Menu

5 Can’t-Miss Sports Bars That Offer the Best Menu

When you talk about sports bar, the first things that come to mind are a must-watch sporting event, beer, and good time!

But for a food buff like me, sports bars are more than just the large television sets, the digital surround audio, or the sports-crazed crowd – it’s still the menu that’s on top of my list.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to argue with sports fanatics who flock these food joints on big athletic matches. In fact, I actually admire them for their passion towards their favorite sport, which I think can rival (or even beat) my enthusiasm for sumptuous foods!

They come to these bars to cheer for their favorite team or athlete. It’s also a time to showcase how much they know about their much loved sport. I once dropped by a sports bar and it’s a US Open Championship. I definitely learned a lot of trivia about the game. I’m amazed that they know even the slightest details of the tennis racquet that Rafael Nadal or Roger Federer used. It’s amazing how accurate they can be. It’s like they’ve memorized all the racquet specs you can read about at Peakstriker.com! Probably, I was the only one who actually stared at the menu to look for the best food.

But admit it: Who doesn’t want to feast on a delicious meal and a cold drink while watching the ‘game of the century’? Don’t you want to enjoy the best of both worlds?

I’ve been to a number of sports restaurants and bars. Here are some that stand out in terms of their menu:

  1. Lagasse’s Stadium, Las Vegas

Right at the heart of the City of Light, the Lagasse’s Stadium is perhaps the most luxurious place to watch your favorite sport and it offers more than just the regular bar menus. Be sure to try their Spice Rubbed Baby Back Ribs and Creole Burger.

  1. Frankey’s Sports Bar, Hallandale Beach

This upscale sports bar is best known for its delectable menu that uses succulent, grass-fed burgers, rib eye steaks, and steak-tip skewers. Some sought-after Frankie’s Classics include the BBQ Glazed Baby Back Ribs and the Chuck Steak Burger.

  1. Batch Gastropub, Miami

Always teeming with patrons, Batch Gastropub is definitely doing something right! Well, you can see it in their menu which offers sumptuous dishes that range from truffle fries to brick oven pizzas to lamb burgers. They put in some extra effort to their food – a rarity in sports bars.

  1. Bobby V’s Restaurant and Sports Bar, Windsor Locks

Featuring 70 large TVs and a 300-seating capacity, Bobby V’s offers not quite the usual sports bar dishes. It appetizing entrée elevates to a new height your all-time favorite bar menus that include seared ahi tuna and fillet mignon.

  1. Cover 3, Austin and San Antonio

Here’s another can’t-miss when it comes to great sports bar menu. Cover 3 surely has a delectable, diverse menu that includes fresh Seafood, award-winning Burgers, and USDA Prime. All their dishes are guaranteed to use the freshest, finest ingredients that will meet your satisfaction.

There you have it: five great sports bar and restaurants that offer great menu.

So, the next time you feel like watching a sporting event in a bar, don’t just fix your eyes on the television set or get engrossed to game or drown yourself in alcohol. Try to check their menu. I guarantee you: you won’t go home a sore loser even if your team lost if you’ve enjoyed something delectable in your plate!