Eating on a Road Trip with Kids

Eating on a Road Trip with Kids

People often ask me what to do when it comes to food when travelling with kids. They don’t want to give them something unhealthy, but don’t want to stop for wholesome meals. So, in this post, I’ll write a bit about eating while on a long road trip with children.

Why Pack a Meal When on the Road

Most people don’t have the time to stop for meals when travelling, and it might be better that way, since most roadside restaurants don’t really serve good food. Most of the food you can find is fast food, which is not really healthy, or good for car rides. Packing your own meals is more healthy and overall better. It’s also more cost-effective. Roadside places tend to have high prices, since people have less choice than in a town, and taking your own food with you can be really cheap, especially if you plan it well.

But, one of the most important pros of packing your own meal is the flexibility it provides. This is especially true if you’re travelling with more than one kid. That way, your kids can eat whenever they want, without you having to stop each time one of them is hungry. It will also preoccupy your little ones, so they’ll be quieter during the ride!

Things to Bear in Mind

One of the most important things to think about when preparing road trip food is whether the food is car safe. If you have a toddler strapped into a quality convertible car seat, you can’t give them anything they can choke on such as grapes or popcorn. Liquids are generally fine, as well as liquid foods – the worst thing that can happen is that they spill some of it.

When packing the food, it’s a good idea to pack it in convenient smaller lunchboxes. That way you won’t have to dig through a lot of stuff before getting to the item you want to eat. It’s also a great for teaching older children responsibility for their food.

Healthy Road Trip Food Ideas

Here are some interesting ideas for healthy road trip snacks which are easy to make and will be enjoyable for the kids:

  • Peanut butter and apple slices

Cut up a bunch of apples before heading out and drizzle them with lemon juice to keep them fresh. When you want to eat, just take the apples out and smear peanut butter on them – healthy and appetizing!

  • Salads

When packing salads, make sure you make them filling – egg salads or potato salads are a great idea for a healthy lunch or dinner in the car.

  • Grilled chicken

Grilled chicken is appetizing and extremely easy to package and eat. It doesn’t lose its taste when you leave it in the box for a few hours, and most children love chicken so they will be looking forward to the meal

  • Sliced cheese

If you want to bring a snack which will be filling, just slice up some cheese, put it in a vacuum sealing box, and you’re ready to go!

How the world looks at pizza!

How the world looks at pizza!

Pizza- the world class, cheesy, absolutely yummy Italian creation that makes us go hungry just at the look or taste of it! That is how you look at pizza, right? But you would be amazed to know how many different variations of pizza are there around the globe. Different countries have adopted different styles to this delicious recipe and how!

In this article, we will tell you exactly about these pizzas from different countries. Each of these is surely going to make you go yum! Let us go through the list!

France: Like everything else, France does this pizza with a difference. While on the one hand French cuisine is popular all round the world, this Italian dish gets an all new idea with fromage blanc, onion, and bacon toppings.

Korea: The Koreans brings a new twist to pizza with beef. The beef is marinated in soy sauce, sesame, and some other spices and then grilled. This topping is used on the pizza crust and voila! You get an amazing street food.

Spain: Spain brings in its sophistication in this variation of pizza. You get a slightly oily bread crust with some toppings of Spanish sausage and a collection of some vegetables. This is one of the most popular foods in this country more commonly called Coco instead of pizza.

Sweden: In this part of the world, this dish is more popular as Kebab Pizza. This forms one of the best junk foods in Sweden. It gives a very sumptuous appearance with Kebab toppings and trust us, nothing gets better!

Macedonia: This country throws in another new twist to pizzas with smoked meat and hot peppers. This is more like a meat pie that sometimes comes with an egg to add a new flavor.

China: You didn’t think China could be left out in food, right? This is a typical flatbread with fewer toppings to give a clear and light pizza that is popular as a street food in China.

USA: The state of Chicago in the United States brings you a new flavor of pizzas with a thick and sumptuous topping that can make you hungry immediately. You could try this at home too in the comfort of your kitchen. But make sure no rain water or water from other sources damage your sump basin. This can affect your kitchen too. To get rid of this issue, you could check these useful sump pumps.

Lebanon: Lebanon keeps it simple. This includes a thick bread crust and lots of oil and spices as toppings. If you are in this part of the world, this is a must have for breakfast. Pizza here is known as Manakish.

Scotland: Scotland also sticks to the basic on pizzas. Some frozen pizza is deep fried with some brown sauce and you get the perfect combination!

Turkey: The bread here is thin and light. The toppings include different types of meat, vegetables, herbs and you get one of the most delicious meals in this part of the world! It is a classic takeaway option in Turkey.