Creating Best Kitchen Atmosphere

Creating Best Kitchen Atmosphere

The kitchen has certainly undergone a great makeover now. In a recent food contest I’d attended as a judge, the contestants had prepared the dishes in a very modernized and sleek kitchen. The appliances were of the latest models and the kitchen design itself was so wonderful that the contestants were very excited to cook. I myself was enthralled by the various trendy and ergonomic designs of the counter-tops and the chic looking cabinets, which was space saving too.

Looking at the designs had me thinking that the ambiance created by the design surely has a great impact on the taste too, as I found out after tasting the dishes the contestants made. I had a tough time deciding on the best dish. The sponsor of the contest, an architect and designer specializing in kitchen projects, had a lot to share with me about the kitchen design. Here are some of his insights on kitchen design

Kitchens form the main core of a home, as it is not just cooking, which happens in them but the entire house congregates making them an important place to concentrate on while designing. In many older homes, kitchens are smaller in dimension. But nowadays kitchens include work space, a casual dining area and even space for office work too.

Kitchen needs

Most people look at efficient and convenient work space in their kitchen. Storage space is very important. Hence, cabinet design is given more significance. The architect mentioned that he gave more attention to the details of the woodwork. He especially was very appreciative of the modern equipment used for working on wood such as the perfect oscillating tool he had bought at Oscillating Tools Depot. With efficient tools, it is easier to design and finish the construction perfectly.

Work space in kitchen

A kitchen island is the most sought after addition in a kitchen. It is the best way to give ample workspace and a place for casual hang out. But the layout of the kitchen has to be considered. And island can be designed as a small breakfast nook in the kitchen along with casual built in seating, so you get a living room atmosphere. When you fuse the two spaces in such a way, they won’t look cramped up.

Kitchen triangle

In the conventional kitchen layouts, the fridge, sink, and cooking area form a triangle to create an efficient working space. But this depends on the tastes of the home owner. Mostly the sink and fridge are the two major points to be connected, while the cooking area can be kept independent or isolated.

Counter tops

As far as counter-tops are concerned, marble is the all-time favorite. White marbles are preferred most but concrete surfaces too are equally popular among residents. Cabinets are mostly made of oak wood.  And upper cabinets are necessary and practical too. A uniform layout of cabinets with glass panels in front gives a more open and spacious feel.

Exterior spaces are an added bonus. A deck that you can use to eat out or have a nice barbeque in is a great addition many people prefer.