Dessert Worth the Cavities

Dessert Worth the Cavities

Tables around the world that have hosted food on them cannot deny one fact and that is they are incomplete without desserts. Be it your home, or restaurant or any party you attend one thing that we all look for after food is, what they have to sweeten your taste buds. From kids to grandparents all alike, love to indulge them on the dessert that is served. So we bring to you a list of countries and the dessert that they are famous for.


Chocolate soufflé is an honored dessert originated in France. It is a baked cake with a gooey texture chocolate core and has a reputation for being absolutely tedious to execute, as it needs to be dished out as soon as it is prepared. It is often served with Grand Marnier which is a citrusy orange liqueur.

United States

Apple pie is denoted as the exemplary American dessert, which serves as the culinary symbol of the nation’s pride. It is a pastry pie crust which has an apple filling and is most often seasoned with cinnamon and nutmeg.


Gelato is quite different from ice cream in terms of flavor and texture. The main ingredient that goes into making this frozen dessert is milk, giving the dish a considerably lower fat content.


Indians have a sweeter tooth compared to the people from the rest part of the world.. This is one vital reason why many of the Indians have a large tummy that looks more like a punching bag. Well, with all those calories into one’s body, one should check to reduce a few pounds. Its dessert recipes range from Gulab Jamuns to Jalebis and Barfis to Rasogollas. Most of the recipes are milk based.


Basbousa is a street food from Egypt that is basically a slightly sweet semolina cake which is most often garnished with lime curd, berries and whipped cream.


Baklava is a Turkish delicacy which is in the form of a pastry consisting of nuts, fruits, and sometimes rice. Inspired from an ancient Assyrian dessert they come in different flavors.


Waffles are the prime dessert originating in Belgium which follows a recipe from the Medieval Times. In Belgium, waffles are mainly of two types: the Brussels waffles and the Liege waffles.


Tangyuan are colorful rice balls stuffed at the core with black sesame, red bean pastes and peanut. They are traditionally served in hot broth of rock sugar and ginger.


Flan is a Spanish egg custard garnished with caramel sauce. It is also known as crème caramel and has a gel like texture. It is available in a variety of flavors, like honey, crushed almonds, lemon zest, and orange flavoring.


Galaktoboureko is custard like pie with a phyllo dough pastry shell often smoothened in cinnamon, lemon and sugar syrup.


Wienerbrod, known in America as Danish is the National pastry of Denmark. The name of the dessert translates to “Viennese bread”.


Apple Strudel is a layered type of pastry which is coated in powdered or caramelized sugar and also has fillings.

To conclude, its one truth that people around the world just love sweets.