Favorite Colors and Palettes for your Kitchen Repainting

kitchen-728727_1280As a certified foodie, I consider the kitchen my sanctuary. Just recently, a friend of mine asked me about what I think would be the best color for her kitchen re-painting project. I admit, interior design and anything that has to do with it is not really my forte but anyway, here’s my two cents worth.

Choosing kitchen colors

Being one of the most used parts of the house, the kitchen should have an inviting and warm ambiance. The kitchen design, décor, layout and color combinations all play a role in creating a welcoming kitchen. Of these aspects, the color scheme is often the easiest to alter that can result in maximum benefits. You can even DIY the kitchen repainting project. For this DIY job, you may need to look for a quality air compressor from review sites like the AirCompressorJudge.com.

Everyone will have their favorites, but not all colors are equally good for your kitchen. With the thousands of colors to choose from, the selection process can be intimidating. Among the top picks for kitchen re-painting, the colors white, gray, yellow, red, green, and blue simply stand out. Each of these hues brings in unique character for the room, but they all help make it a welcoming and warm space.

  1. White

Most of us start our day in the kitchen, and the color white can give your kitchen that revitalizing energy. A brightly lit white kitchen can give you a great head start. It also makes the kitchen look and feel clean and fresh. White also blends well with other colors and designs, making your kitchen versatile.

  1. Gray

Recently, neutral colors have dominated modern houses. While some see gray as cold, the right shade of gray can work perfectly for your kitchen. It pairs up well with most modern kitchen appliances as well as other furniture. You won’t also have a difficult time blending it with cabinetry and countertop.

  1. Yellow

Yellow can brighten up any room. Like a ray of sunshine, it can create a happy and calm feel for your kitchen. If your kitchen space is limited, yellow can make it look brighter and more spacious. It teams up well with gray and white accents too.

  1. homes-for-sale-326998_1280Red

Red is a very warm color and is thought to stimulate appetite. This property of warm colors makes them excellent for kitchens. Red does not only keep your food cravings up, but is also incredibly versatile. You can mix and match red with other hues, such on odd walls or cabinetry, to create a more interesting kitchen.

  1. Green

Green is a safe and smart color option for kitchen repainting project. There are a number of shades to choose from including yellow green, apple green and mint. These shades pair perfectly with both wood and modern accents. You can also be experimental with the shades of green. This lively color can energize your kitchen, especially when used for cabinets, accent wall, floor or an island.

  1. Blue

Another color that can make your kitchen look clean and crisp, blue is an old favorite when it comes to kitchen walls, cabinets, and even ceiling. Although use of blue, especially the darker shades, can be overpowering, using it sparingly creates invigorating ambiance. When using darker shades, make sure to add neutral tones to keep the room from looking dark and intense.