Framing A Strong Surface

Framing A Strong Surface

Food has always been my passion.

Celebrating life through food is part of a long family tradition for me. I responded to my passion and followed my dream. I studied culinary arts for a few years and now I am happy to share my knowledge and experience on everything related to food. Food is also a cultural event. My latest cultural journey took me to the original Italian tradition of creating new, divine pizza recipes.

Framing inspiration

Because hundreds of recipes have already been tried, tested and tasted, this was always going to be a challenge. But, of course, I enjoy this, so I embraced my new project wholesomely. Fortunately, I did not work alone. I wanted to work as authentically as possible so was looking for a rustic, wooden surface on which to knead my dough and prepare fresh, new ingredients.

My loving husband guided me to an ideal site for finding a framing nailer. The reason for sourcing the perfect nailer had to do with framing my thick and heavy new chopping board, made entirely of wood, to my teak wood kitchen table so that it does not slide about and remains fixed to the table.

My husband introduced me to Nolan. He is a friendly, all-American who created a website dedicated to giving life to inspirational ideas and projects, even if it sounds impossible at first. Framing Nailer Report specializes in finding the most appropriate framing nailers for your particular project. Nolan has taken a lot of time and effort in getting to know these products so all the information, advice and product reviews are qualified.

Helping out

This framing nailer professional is extremely helpful and reliable. All our questions were answered clearly in a way that we could understand. For instance, we discovered that having a compact cordless nailer would be convenient for our immediate purpose. Also, we learned that for our small project we would only need a finish nailer. I am already thinking about new ideas for future kitchen projects for which this type of nailer would be perfect.

Because both my husband and I are still fairly new to the idea of do-it-yourself projects within our home, we still needed to learn how to use our framing nailer properly and safely. The contents sidebar on the website’s home page was the perfect place to start. We already knew where to look for the best product reviews. More importantly, we were able to take into account criteria for choosing and buying the right nailer. We also know how to play it safe with our new tools.

For now, I have what I want

My board sticks perfectly to my table and I am making good progress with my new culinary project. My husband will be returning to the framing nailer pro for up to date information on a new nailer to help him with his fresh idea while I get things done in my kitchen.