Hunting your own food – pros and cons

Hunting your own food – pros and cons

As you probably already know, I’m constantly reading about everything food related, which is how I finally got to the subject of hunting. Now this is something most people argue about, whether it’s morally right or wrong, what its upsides and downsides are, etc. And it got me thinking about the pros and cons. What follows is my own list, and I’ll start by writing about the disadvantages of hunting.


take the knife and go take your food! Not easy, yesEquipment – This seemed like a good place to start, since it’s pretty straightforward. In order to hunt, you need equipment, such as guns, knives, trapping supplies, etc. Stuff, that you can find on sites, like EdgeHunting. I realize that to most people this might not seem like a good argument against hunting, but professional equipment can be expensive.

It’s time consuming – This would be the biggest disadvantage for me. Instead of just going out and buying all the ingredients you need for a meal of your choice, you need to go out and spend a considerable amount of time hunting, and that’s just the beginning of the process. After you’ve done the hunting part, you still have to skin the animal and prepare the meat. I know it’s not something hunters do every day, but it’s a lot of work, even for those with professional knives, such as this one:


You know exactly what’s on your plate – The biggest disadvantage of buying food at supermarkets is the fact that you don’t know what you’re eating. This is something that’s been bugging me for a while – just knowing that there are hundreds of little tricks companies can use to make you buy something that’s not healthy for you. When hunting your own food, on the other hand, you know what you’ll end up eating.

It’s eco-friendly – I did some research and came to the conclusion that hunting your own food is healthier not only for you, but for the planet Earth as well. First of all, animals you hunt haven’t been bred for killing. This means that no artificial substances have been used to raise them. Although I knew that farming animals meant displacing native plants in favor of some monoculture, I was quite surprised when I found out that they contribute to soil erosion and water pollution.

It’s more humane – Factory farming is one of the biggest reasons why people end up becoming vegetarians. And I totally get it. It’s horrible to hear what animals have to go through during their short farm lives.

You don’t waste anything – While those who hunt their own food use as much as possible, it’s hard for me to imagine large companies trying not to be wasteful.

It seems to me that hunting your own food has more advantages than disadvantages, especially when compared to buying supplies at supermarkets. It’s just much more natural, balanced and humane. Although I love the fact that food is so easily accessible, ours is such a wasteful society, and I’d be glad to see it change into something better.