Let’s light things up

Let’s light things up

Let’s light things up a bit. I’m thinking here of brightening up my kitchen a little bit more. I’m looking to create the perfect ambience for different occasions, and to do that right, lights or lighting tends to either be focal or play a very important supporting role in decorative and essential lighting effects. More importantly, I’m looking at creating a stronger light in my kitchen but without the glare. This will allow me to work with aplomb at any time of the day.

More light to work in

Morning, noon and night are all synonymous with three festive occasions of my day (I hope it’s still the case in yours); breakfast, lunch and supper. And unless I’m not venturing off somewhere on another food expedition or giving talks on how to prepare feasts for festive occasions, I’m here in my kitchen making something a little bit different and doing things differently too. It goes without saying that the different times of the day bring about fresh lighting aspects that can inspire the chef in you.

But the master chef in me needs more light to work in. In my search for new ways to light the kitchen properly and effectively for the purpose of being able to work with food without any blemishes, I have to admit that I was a little excited when I learned from Light Bar Report that these heavy duty LED lights and light bars I had been reading about for some time before did not need to be used only on trucks and heavy, long-distance, open-road and dirt road vehicles. They can also be used as stationary lighting objects.

Lighting things up

I subsequently discovered that a new set of LED lights will be ideal for my home economics base camp. I will be talking to technicians about putting in the correct fittings in the kitchen ceiling (our ceilings are high, so here we are a bit fortunate where this exercise is concerned) and then having another look at the reviews on LED light bars and other websites to make an informed but utterly original choice. Is this possible? I think it is. Well, we’ll only really know once we try.

And what are we trying to do here? Basically install LED lights into the kitchen ceiling. But now, I have a confession to make. Most hard-working creatives like to let their hair out a bit, relax and have some fun. While I was pondering what to do outside on the patio located within our entertainment area, I read that light bars were suitable for lighting an entire outdoor area. Already in use for such purposes, the light bars are also functional as part of the home or business security features, whether on the fixed property or the purpose-driven vehicles.

For now though, I’ll have to curb my enthusiasm, if you will. There’s still much work to be done before we can head off into our yard and light things up our way.