Mothers & Their Food

Mothers & Their Food

It’s said that when the world was created God was busy with the expansion of the universe. He was too busy looking after different projects that he had in hand.  He had to supervise the big bang and also had to relocate the different landmasses after Pangaea was fragmented. So to take care of the well being of the lives He had started creating He made mothers. Since then, from the unicellular bacteria to the highly advanced intellectual species of Homo sapiens, none can live without the one sole thing, a mother.

Like mothers their foods are too adorable and come in a wide variety of options. No matter how much tired she is a mother is always ready to walk that extra mile to cook for you your favorite dish and that too with all her heart that every time tastes much better that it was last time. How can one do that?

Cooking comes as an in built function in mothers. It’s like those previously installed applications in your smart phones and gadgets that make you save the effort of finding them on the net and downloading them and installing them, and thus make our lives easier. Mothers love cooking. It is like their holy grail is hidden somewhere in the kitchen and they have discovered it. They would not just leave that place.

Food cooked by mothers seems to have some magic in them. It is more like a potion than just home cooked same old recipe that can cure all that is touched by evil in the world and beyond. Simple lemonade by your mom can relief you from the long hours when you were out in the sun hovering with your newly acquired long board featured at LongBoardMafia. Or a pie or a pudding can be a real treat for you and a big bribe for your pals when you want to be the captain of the soccer team. It just works fine with them all.

Home cooked food is also making good business in different parts of the world, and this is no joke as it is turning to be a very profitable venture. Take for instance, in India during lunch hours instead of going to the nearest food stations office goers prefer home cooked food and the business is flourishing. The people in the business are stressing that their product is made the way the mothers cook for you at home. And this is actually gaining many takers, especially those who travel and settle away from their homes for their job.

It is a mystery how one single person can look after all that is needed to be done at home, and that too in such an organized fashion. Though technology has advanced to give us some fabulous time saving appliances, yet it’s a hat off to the remarkable skill of the mothers in managing the one toughest organization in the world, or rather the whole universe, that is a family.