My Tips on Fighting Bad Eating Habits

My Tips on Fighting Bad Eating Habits

My cousin was mentioning the other day about the new diet she had taken up to lose her weight. She had recently returned from her vacation and wanted to shed the calories she had added on during her trip. She said that it was difficult to let go of her usual foods, so was finding it hard to lose weight. Most of the food habits we follow have been developed from our childhood.

We tend to select the same vegetables, fruits and food items, when we go shopping for food. The only way to get out of this dilemma is to break the bad eating habits and start afresh on a healthy lifestyle and diet. Like my cousin, many feel it difficult to get rid of the bad food habits.

Most often fear plays a big factor in embracing new food habits. Many are afraid to try new things and doubt on whether it would be good for them. And even if you do manage to fight these bad habits, when you are stressed out, you tend to revert to your old ways.

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So how do you deal with these eating habits?

The exercise and eating habits that prevent you from becoming healthy and fit need to be tacked by following three important points:

  1. Be aware of the bad habits you need to change
  2. Understand why you have made them a habit in the first place
  3. Try to devise ways in which you can change the habits into better and healthier ones

One thing I’m certain about in this habit changing attitude is accepting the fact that you cannot change them overnight. Gradual and steady attempts at changing them will give effective results. For being fit and healthy, you must have an active lifestyle, and eat according food.

Here are some tips on changing bad eating habits:

  • Start with minor changes first. Try eating nutritious breakfast to start your day on a good note.
  • Eat meals at the dining table, where there are few distractions
  • Eat with family or partner
  • Eat only when you are hungry and stop when you feel full
  • Portion sizes should be reduced by a minimum of 20% and avoid second helpings
  • Choose only foods that are low in fat, sugar and salt. It is a good idea to grow natural food at home.
  • Getting minimum of eight hours undisturbed sleep is important. Most often, we tend to binge on foods, when we are fatigued due to lack of sleep
  • Try cooking methods that use low amount of oil, salt and sugar. Try grilling, baking, poaching instead of deep frying foods. Add herbs, mustards, lemon and other seasonings to reduce the oil and salt addition.
  • Drink more of water and less of sugary drinks. Restrict alcohol to one or two drinks a day

While taking up a healthy diet may look intimidating initially, soon you will find that it truly gives you good results. I recently got into a carrot eating frenzy after knowing of archer’s diet. It does not matter what type of diet you take up. The result should make you feel good, lose weight, and keep you healthy. You will soon find that you like the change better and will start embracing it more enthusiastically.