Mothers & Their Food

Mothers & Their Food

It’s said that when the world was created God was busy with the expansion of the universe. He was too busy looking after different projects that he had in hand.  He had to supervise the big bang and also had to relocate the different landmasses after Pangaea was fragmented. So to take care of the well being of the lives He had started creating He made mothers. Since then, from the unicellular bacteria to the highly advanced intellectual species of Homo sapiens, none can live without the one sole thing, a mother.

Like mothers their foods are too adorable and come in a wide variety of options. No matter how much tired she is a mother is always ready to walk that extra mile to cook for you your favorite dish and that too with all her heart that every time tastes much better that it was last time. How can one do that?

Cooking comes as an in built function in mothers. It’s like those previously installed applications in your smart phones and gadgets that make you save the effort of finding them on the net and downloading them and installing them, and thus make our lives easier. Mothers love cooking. It is like their holy grail is hidden somewhere in the kitchen and they have discovered it. They would not just leave that place.

Food cooked by mothers seems to have some magic in them. It is more like a potion than just home cooked same old recipe that can cure all that is touched by evil in the world and beyond. Simple lemonade by your mom can relief you from the long hours when you were out in the sun hovering with your newly acquired long board featured at LongBoardMafia. Or a pie or a pudding can be a real treat for you and a big bribe for your pals when you want to be the captain of the soccer team. It just works fine with them all.

Home cooked food is also making good business in different parts of the world, and this is no joke as it is turning to be a very profitable venture. Take for instance, in India during lunch hours instead of going to the nearest food stations office goers prefer home cooked food and the business is flourishing. The people in the business are stressing that their product is made the way the mothers cook for you at home. And this is actually gaining many takers, especially those who travel and settle away from their homes for their job.

It is a mystery how one single person can look after all that is needed to be done at home, and that too in such an organized fashion. Though technology has advanced to give us some fabulous time saving appliances, yet it’s a hat off to the remarkable skill of the mothers in managing the one toughest organization in the world, or rather the whole universe, that is a family.

Dessert Worth the Cavities

Dessert Worth the Cavities

Tables around the world that have hosted food on them cannot deny one fact and that is they are incomplete without desserts. Be it your home, or restaurant or any party you attend one thing that we all look for after food is, what they have to sweeten your taste buds. From kids to grandparents all alike, love to indulge them on the dessert that is served. So we bring to you a list of countries and the dessert that they are famous for.


Chocolate soufflé is an honored dessert originated in France. It is a baked cake with a gooey texture chocolate core and has a reputation for being absolutely tedious to execute, as it needs to be dished out as soon as it is prepared. It is often served with Grand Marnier which is a citrusy orange liqueur.

United States

Apple pie is denoted as the exemplary American dessert, which serves as the culinary symbol of the nation’s pride. It is a pastry pie crust which has an apple filling and is most often seasoned with cinnamon and nutmeg.


Gelato is quite different from ice cream in terms of flavor and texture. The main ingredient that goes into making this frozen dessert is milk, giving the dish a considerably lower fat content.


Indians have a sweeter tooth compared to the people from the rest part of the world.. This is one vital reason why many of the Indians have a large tummy that looks more like a punching bag. Well, with all those calories into one’s body, one should check to reduce a few pounds. Its dessert recipes range from Gulab Jamuns to Jalebis and Barfis to Rasogollas. Most of the recipes are milk based.


Basbousa is a street food from Egypt that is basically a slightly sweet semolina cake which is most often garnished with lime curd, berries and whipped cream.


Baklava is a Turkish delicacy which is in the form of a pastry consisting of nuts, fruits, and sometimes rice. Inspired from an ancient Assyrian dessert they come in different flavors.


Waffles are the prime dessert originating in Belgium which follows a recipe from the Medieval Times. In Belgium, waffles are mainly of two types: the Brussels waffles and the Liege waffles.


Tangyuan are colorful rice balls stuffed at the core with black sesame, red bean pastes and peanut. They are traditionally served in hot broth of rock sugar and ginger.


Flan is a Spanish egg custard garnished with caramel sauce. It is also known as crème caramel and has a gel like texture. It is available in a variety of flavors, like honey, crushed almonds, lemon zest, and orange flavoring.


Galaktoboureko is custard like pie with a phyllo dough pastry shell often smoothened in cinnamon, lemon and sugar syrup.


Wienerbrod, known in America as Danish is the National pastry of Denmark. The name of the dessert translates to “Viennese bread”.


Apple Strudel is a layered type of pastry which is coated in powdered or caramelized sugar and also has fillings.

To conclude, its one truth that people around the world just love sweets.

Let’s light things up

Let’s light things up

Let’s light things up a bit. I’m thinking here of brightening up my kitchen a little bit more. I’m looking to create the perfect ambience for different occasions, and to do that right, lights or lighting tends to either be focal or play a very important supporting role in decorative and essential lighting effects. More importantly, I’m looking at creating a stronger light in my kitchen but without the glare. This will allow me to work with aplomb at any time of the day.

More light to work in

Morning, noon and night are all synonymous with three festive occasions of my day (I hope it’s still the case in yours); breakfast, lunch and supper. And unless I’m not venturing off somewhere on another food expedition or giving talks on how to prepare feasts for festive occasions, I’m here in my kitchen making something a little bit different and doing things differently too. It goes without saying that the different times of the day bring about fresh lighting aspects that can inspire the chef in you.

But the master chef in me needs more light to work in. In my search for new ways to light the kitchen properly and effectively for the purpose of being able to work with food without any blemishes, I have to admit that I was a little excited when I learned from Light Bar Report that these heavy duty LED lights and light bars I had been reading about for some time before did not need to be used only on trucks and heavy, long-distance, open-road and dirt road vehicles. They can also be used as stationary lighting objects.

Lighting things up

I subsequently discovered that a new set of LED lights will be ideal for my home economics base camp. I will be talking to technicians about putting in the correct fittings in the kitchen ceiling (our ceilings are high, so here we are a bit fortunate where this exercise is concerned) and then having another look at the reviews on LED light bars and other websites to make an informed but utterly original choice. Is this possible? I think it is. Well, we’ll only really know once we try.

And what are we trying to do here? Basically install LED lights into the kitchen ceiling. But now, I have a confession to make. Most hard-working creatives like to let their hair out a bit, relax and have some fun. While I was pondering what to do outside on the patio located within our entertainment area, I read that light bars were suitable for lighting an entire outdoor area. Already in use for such purposes, the light bars are also functional as part of the home or business security features, whether on the fixed property or the purpose-driven vehicles.

For now though, I’ll have to curb my enthusiasm, if you will. There’s still much work to be done before we can head off into our yard and light things up our way.

Crossing Culinary Art With Hunting Tradition

Crossing Culinary Art With Hunting Tradition

Culinary experts are often frustrated by the quality of the meat products they find in their stores. I rely on specialty butchers and delicatessens which are consistent with their selection of organically produced meat. I know that it tastes a lot better, but I also know that it is more expensive than most supermarket fare. It was not a novel idea but my husband and I had been thinking about it for a while. Recently we decided to combine our love for nature with my own passion for cooking.

Responsible hunting

We asked ourselves over and over again; what would it be like to hunt our own food, just like our forefathers did for centuries. What would it take to hunt responsibly without harming our natural environment and without making a grossly negative impact on the species that we had in mind? Thankfully, as beginners, our targets would be small and modest. We also decided that we were not going to comply with the American tradition of owning at least one firearm.

Deep down, while we still appreciate the need to hunt for food, we are pacifists at heart. We had no desire to disturb our natural surroundings with the unfair advantage and loud noises that accompany heavy duty rifles. Hunting for a decent but not too expensive pair of crossbows seemed to make a whole lot of sense. It did not take us long to find what we were looking for. And if you pardon the expression, what we found blew us away.

Arbalist Zone is the perfect place to plan your first hunting expedition. It is rare to find so much attention to detail given in one dedicated website, in this case to the mission and craft of sourcing the most suitable crossbow for beginners and for hunting. In the hunting arena, we will be looking for small animals, such as rabbits, quails and foals. I was already thinking about the perfect rabbit stews, roasted quail with seasoning and succulent venison steaks.

Zoning in on our target

Before we even began looking for our first set of bows, we were able to learn in detail how they work and align these instructions with our hunting needs and what these weapons should be used for. Helping us to make informed choices, Arbalist Zone narrowed our target considerably. It came down to two factors; purpose and convenience. As beginners we did not want to be saddled with heavy duty weapons that would take us months to master anyway.

Also, because we would be hunting small wild-life creatures occasionally, a light-weight mini crossbow was perfect. It was also recommended that as first-time hunters, we consider the recurve crossbow. It requires little or no maintenance, is simple to use and a lot quieter than its larger alternative, the compound crossbow, never mind rifles and sub-machine guns.

Plan well

We have not yet left on our hunting expedition. There is still a bit of planning going on in my kitchen. For now though, our compact crossbow kit has been safely stored away until we leave.

Framing A Strong Surface

Framing A Strong Surface

Food has always been my passion.

Celebrating life through food is part of a long family tradition for me. I responded to my passion and followed my dream. I studied culinary arts for a few years and now I am happy to share my knowledge and experience on everything related to food. Food is also a cultural event. My latest cultural journey took me to the original Italian tradition of creating new, divine pizza recipes.

Framing inspiration

Because hundreds of recipes have already been tried, tested and tasted, this was always going to be a challenge. But, of course, I enjoy this, so I embraced my new project wholesomely. Fortunately, I did not work alone. I wanted to work as authentically as possible so was looking for a rustic, wooden surface on which to knead my dough and prepare fresh, new ingredients.

My loving husband guided me to an ideal site for finding a framing nailer. The reason for sourcing the perfect nailer had to do with framing my thick and heavy new chopping board, made entirely of wood, to my teak wood kitchen table so that it does not slide about and remains fixed to the table.

My husband introduced me to Nolan. He is a friendly, all-American who created a website dedicated to giving life to inspirational ideas and projects, even if it sounds impossible at first. Framing Nailer Report specializes in finding the most appropriate framing nailers for your particular project. Nolan has taken a lot of time and effort in getting to know these products so all the information, advice and product reviews are qualified.

Helping out

This framing nailer professional is extremely helpful and reliable. All our questions were answered clearly in a way that we could understand. For instance, we discovered that having a compact cordless nailer would be convenient for our immediate purpose. Also, we learned that for our small project we would only need a finish nailer. I am already thinking about new ideas for future kitchen projects for which this type of nailer would be perfect.

Because both my husband and I are still fairly new to the idea of do-it-yourself projects within our home, we still needed to learn how to use our framing nailer properly and safely. The contents sidebar on the website’s home page was the perfect place to start. We already knew where to look for the best product reviews. More importantly, we were able to take into account criteria for choosing and buying the right nailer. We also know how to play it safe with our new tools.

For now, I have what I want

My board sticks perfectly to my table and I am making good progress with my new culinary project. My husband will be returning to the framing nailer pro for up to date information on a new nailer to help him with his fresh idea while I get things done in my kitchen.

My First Time as a Food Photography Judge

My First Time as a Food Photography Judge

I’ve recently been invited to sit as a judge in a food photography contest. While I have already sat as a judge in a number of food contests, I haven’t really tried judging in a food photography contest. I guess, the organizers thought that since food presentation is among the criteria in judging food contests, I’d be a good judge. Well, they were right. Things went well and I enjoyed the experience.

The other judges (two professional photographers, a restaurateur, and a well-known food blogger) were very helpful. They gave me few tips on how to judge food photographs. I learned a lot from them which I can use on my future cooking projects.

As a food contest judge, one of the things that initially catches the attention of judges is the food plating; the same is true with food photography. Food presentation is king and this can be achieved through a close collaboration between the chef and the photographer. It’s actually a team approach. I don’t think you can take a sumptuous shot on a lousy dish. It just won’t work.

In one of the entries, the photographer did a wide aerial shot, several feet above the large plate. I guess, the photographer used one of the quadcopters reviewed on this site. The chef and photographer exemplified teamwork on this project. The dish was plated perfectly, maximizing the rich tones of the table and the background, and capitalizing the space. The plate seems to tease the heavenly gods.

I’ve seen some photographers do sketches and drawings which the chef used while arranging the dish. It’s just exciting how vision turns into reality. The dishes varied in colors, shapes, textures and themes. It was a food fest not for the palate but for the eyes.

Simplicity is beauty. It may sound cliché but it applies even to food presentation. I find overly decorated, busy plates distracting rather than appetizing. In one of the plates, the photographer used the Hubsan X4 H107C (check out this site for its review: to take a very simple, yet powerful photograph. The simplicity of the dish makes it a real stand out.

I was looking for a dish that playfully uses the textures, colors, shapes and ingredients of the dish to create a mouth-watering presentation. The plate should not look too busy that it overpowers the function and flavor. Moreover, the lens should capture and highlight the main ingredient while giving equal attention to the ‘support’ ingredients. Garnishes, especially the greens, are very helpful supporting ingredients.

While I may not know the technical rules of photography (such as the lighting, focus, exposure, etc.), I know how good food looks in pictures. I guess, if the picture looks live and appetizing, then the photography is awesome.

Overall, the entire experience was a refreshing and enjoyable one. The only frustrating part is that I don’t really get to taste and eat the food! I just have to settle with my imagination.

5 Top Reasons Why You Need a Vacuum Sealer

5 Top Reasons Why You Need a Vacuum Sealer

Being the foodie that I am, I enjoy trying out all kinds of new kitchen tools and appliances. There are so many incredible things available to us today that I can’t stop admiring the technical progress, which made all of this amazing stuff available to us. Using all these fancy tools makes cooking a delicious meal an easy task, and you can use them not only to make foods but to store them as well.

I recently discovered a truly magical tool that changed my outlook of food storage completely. I am a happy owner of a vacuum sealer now, and I couldn’t be happier. If you don’t know what this tool is, check out to learn all there is to know about various kinds of sealers and where to buy the best one of them.

Once you start using a vacuum sealer, you will wonder how you managed to go without one before. At least, this is what happened to me. I took it upon myself to experiment with this machine as much as possible to discover how many practical uses it actually has. I’m pretty sure I will come up with some more ideas as the time goes by, but I’d like to share what I came up with so far.

  1. Food storage.
    Obviously, this is the first thing that comes to mind as the device is actually designed for this purpose. I use mine to seal away freshly frozen veggies. It works beautifully for anything that is not pureed. I also sometimes seal away leftovers so that I have a quick meal always handy when I don’t actually have the time to cook on weekdays.
    The benefits? When you open up a vacuum-sealed pack of peas, they aren’t a huge frozen block, so you can take as much of the produce as you need and neatly pack away the rest.
  2. Dry canning.
    We all know that buying in bulk is cheaper, but storing dry goods in your pantry for months can be quite a challenge. It won’t be so if you have a vacuum sealer to help you. Be sure to buy one with a jar sealer attachment so that you can safely store dried fruits, spices, or flour in jars.
    Speaking from experience, I can say that storing flour and other powders is much easier if you vacuum seal the item in its original paper storage bag.
  3. Resealing bottles.
    The shelf life of open wine and vinegar bottles isn’t really long, but you can extend it using a vacuum sealer with a special wine stopper attachment. It’s perfect for those who make homemade wine.
  4. Protection from corrosion.
    It’s not only food that can benefit from being sealed this way. You can also use this little handy device to preserve the polishing on your table silver. Just be sure to cover precious cutlery with a piece of cloth before you package it.
  5. Resealing cracker and chip bags.
    Junk food is bad for you, but sometimes it’s so hard to avoid it. And once you open the pack, you just have to finish it as the food will be ruined after you unseal it. A vacuum sealer will solve this problem and keep your crackers and chips crisp and dry in your pantry.

How the world looks at pizza!

How the world looks at pizza!

Pizza- the world class, cheesy, absolutely yummy Italian creation that makes us go hungry just at the look or taste of it! That is how you look at pizza, right? But you would be amazed to know how many different variations of pizza are there around the globe. Different countries have adopted different styles to this delicious recipe and how!

In this article, we will tell you exactly about these pizzas from different countries. Each of these is surely going to make you go yum! Let us go through the list!

France: Like everything else, France does this pizza with a difference. While on the one hand French cuisine is popular all round the world, this Italian dish gets an all new idea with fromage blanc, onion, and bacon toppings.

Korea: The Koreans brings a new twist to pizza with beef. The beef is marinated in soy sauce, sesame, and some other spices and then grilled. This topping is used on the pizza crust and voila! You get an amazing street food.

Spain: Spain brings in its sophistication in this variation of pizza. You get a slightly oily bread crust with some toppings of Spanish sausage and a collection of some vegetables. This is one of the most popular foods in this country more commonly called Coco instead of pizza.

Sweden: In this part of the world, this dish is more popular as Kebab Pizza. This forms one of the best junk foods in Sweden. It gives a very sumptuous appearance with Kebab toppings and trust us, nothing gets better!

Macedonia: This country throws in another new twist to pizzas with smoked meat and hot peppers. This is more like a meat pie that sometimes comes with an egg to add a new flavor.

China: You didn’t think China could be left out in food, right? This is a typical flatbread with fewer toppings to give a clear and light pizza that is popular as a street food in China.

USA: The state of Chicago in the United States brings you a new flavor of pizzas with a thick and sumptuous topping that can make you hungry immediately. You could try this at home too in the comfort of your kitchen. But make sure no rain water or water from other sources damage your sump basin. This can affect your kitchen too. To get rid of this issue, you could check these useful sump pumps.

Lebanon: Lebanon keeps it simple. This includes a thick bread crust and lots of oil and spices as toppings. If you are in this part of the world, this is a must have for breakfast. Pizza here is known as Manakish.

Scotland: Scotland also sticks to the basic on pizzas. Some frozen pizza is deep fried with some brown sauce and you get the perfect combination!

Turkey: The bread here is thin and light. The toppings include different types of meat, vegetables, herbs and you get one of the most delicious meals in this part of the world! It is a classic takeaway option in Turkey.

Street food around the globe

Street food around the globe

Can you ever imagine roaming on the streets on New York and not trying a donut or a bagel? Can you separate Paris out from the crepes? Street food, quite simply, define the whole food system of a place. The street food, characteristic of every region, must never be missed. It depicts the raw and unconditional love for food.

So, if you are touring across the globe, what are the street foods that you must try? We provide you with a list here. Yes, these are delicious and will have some of the best effects on your taste buds!

DÜRÜM: A typical choice of street food in Istanbul, durum is more like a sumptuous wrap with exciting Turkish toppings inside. Different types of meat and vegetables are common inside these rolls. The crispiness is a great attraction for the food lovers.

SUPPLÌ: When you are in Rome, be a Roman and nothing is more typically Roman than trying out the place’s favorite street food item in supplì. These fried rice balls come with cheese oozing out from the insides. This is a traditional recipe and a must have in Rome.

PORK SATAY: Bangkok gives you one of the best experiences in street foods in the form of pork satay. Meat slices, marinated in coconut oil and some spices are grilled on charcoal. The end result is nothing short of amazing!

TACOS AL PASTOR: Tacos are probably one of the most exciting food item s to have in Mexico City. Once again, meat slices are marinated in spices and then cooked to be placed inside the tacos.

this food looks tasty! should i try it outBHEL PURI: Mumbai is incomplete without this adorable street food. It gets your taste buds active. Found all over India, this is best known in Mumbai and is a classic mixture of vegetables, spices, chutneys and fried vermicelli like noodles. The spices will please you! If you are living in Mumbai, you have to try this. Bhel puri stalls are pretty famous in this part of the world.

If you decide to set up a business of street food here, setting up a stall here is a rather good idea. For this, you can try out these popular reciprocating saws for best results in stall construction. Street food forms a major business idea in Mumbai and India in general.

CRÊPES: Paris will never cease to amaze you with its street food. Made from buckwheat flour, crêpes are typically sweet to taste and contain eggs, vegetables and meat.

EGG WAFFLE: This innovative food item is prepared in Hong Kong by cooking an eggy batter between metal plates. The simplicity of this extremely delicious junk food will attract you.

CURRYWURST: Most popular in Berlin, currywurst gives you pork sausage that is first boiled and then fried. These are best eaten with French fries or bread.

FALAFEL: Falafel is quite simply the torch bearer of Israeli cuisine. This is a type of sandwich with exciting ingredients inside. Vegetables and spices define the falafels.

HALO-HALO: Philippines gives you one of the most mouth watering sundaes ever. Beyond the top ice and milk, you will be greeted with beans, palm fruits, crushed rice, jackfruits and the likes. This is a popular dessert in Southeast Asia.

If you are looking ahead to setting up a stall of one of the above mentioned popular delicacies you could make use of reciprocating saws for many minor jobs in your workshops. JasonSawReviews.Com might also come in handy while making a choice.

Soft Water For Your Kitchen: Is It A Great Idea?

Soft Water For Your Kitchen: Is It A Great Idea?

As a certified culinary fanatic and foodie, I have always wondered whether installing a water softener for my kitchen would be a good idea.

I’ve asked some of my peers and they are divided on this issue. Some say that soft water can improve palatability of foods and can be beneficial for the kitchen in the long term. On the other hand, others claim that soft water can make the food taste bad and even affect its nutritional value.

Since I’m not sure whether to install water softener for my kitchen, I decided to do a quick rundown on its pros and cons. But before I proceed, it would help to understand how this filtration device works.

Water softeners, such as those found on this site, remove minerals that make water “hard.” It uses salt to filter out hard minerals, which is why many people think that soft water contains too much sodium. The truth of the matter is that the amount is negligible. However, extra caution is advised for people who strictly monitor sodium intake and also for babies.

Going back to its pros and cons:


  • Soft water can help improve palatability foods since there are no added minerals.
  • Avoids buildup of residue (un-dissolved lime on tap water) on water using kitchen appliances due to hard water, which helps extend the life of your appliances.
  • Removes undesirable odors and flavor common in tap water.
  • Since the dissolved rocks in the water have been cleared out, cleaning products work more efficiently.
  • Reduction in the amount of cleaning products, such as hand soap, dishwashing detergent, and other cleaners, used in your kitchen.
  • Longer life for your kitchen sink, drains, and pipelines.
  • Only unnecessary minerals are removed so the water still contains essential minerals.


  • Slightly less nutritional value on vegetables cleansed and cooked in soft water.
  • Possible health concerns for people on strict sodium intake monitoring.
  • A different taste compared to that of distilled water.
  • Soft water has a slimy feeling that makes some people think there is still soap on skin.

All advantages and disadvantages considered, I am seriously thinking about choosing a good water softening system.

The benefits of softened water are very much welcome in my kitchen. I am confident that it can help level up my cooking. Of course, I am concerned about the possible health issues so I am actually thinking about a water softener that is coupled with a drinking water treatment unit. But that’s not yet final. I am still picking among the different types and models of this filtration device. Some models even include a reverse osmosis component that guarantees more advanced filtration.

You know how much I love cooking and I hope installing a water softening system would help give longer life for my kitchen.

How I Keep My Kitchen Spotlessly Clean?

How I Keep My Kitchen Spotlessly Clean?

When I am at home, I spend most of my time in the kitchen. It is my comfort zone, my personal space. That’s why, I make sure that it is well organized. Honestly, it’s okay for me to see other parts of my home messy but never my kitchen. Call me an obsessive-compulsive about my kitchen, but this is my turf and I want it to be spic-and-span at all times.

My penchant of orderliness and cleanliness in the kitchen is brought about my experience as a culinary student. Working as a sous chef has allowed me to see almost all kinds of kitchens – from the most disorganized restaurant kitchen to the daintiest luxury house kitchens. And through these experiences, I have discovered ways on how to keep the kitchen organized and clean.

kitchen level-god

  1. De-clutter kitchen cabinets

A lot of unnecessary stuff ends up in our kitchen cabinets. Open your cabinets one by one and take out every item that is not needed in the kitchen. The more items that get thrown to the trash bin or stored somewhere, the more organized your kitchen will be.

You’ll be surprised to find lots of trash, busted kitchen appliances or expired canned goods hidden in your cabinet.

Before you even start arranging your kitchen, make sure to do this first step. It’s an absolute must-do.

  1. Sort out and arrange

Now that you’ve de-cluttered and freed up some space, you can start sorting and organizing items in your cabinets depending on their use. The secret here is to keep all items that you regularly use easily accessible. Putting labels is also very helpful.

  1. Use cabinet organizers

You’ll probably realize that not all kitchen items are same in size and shape, and this can make organizing a pain-in-the-ass. A simple trick is to use kitchen cabinet organizers. These storage solutions come very handy for storing different kitchen items.

Square-shaped cabinet organizers are the best space-savers. For a more organized kitchen and easier access, you can use color-coding. While it is uncommon, you may also want to purchase secured lockers or vaults for your kitchen, especially for storing precious silverwares. Gun safes that come in different sizes are a good alternative. You can find all you need to know about gun safes online.

  1. Add storage space

For a more organized kitchen, you can have additional shelves or pegs installed on the walls. Using the empty spaces of the walls can give you much needed storage. Be creative when looking for additional space.

  1. Maintain cabinet organization

Now down to the more challenging part – maintaining cleanliness and organization. Keeping your kitchen neat requires a conscious effort. Make cleaning a regular part of your daily schedule. A good 15-minute spent for cleaning the kitchen is enough to maintain its spotless look.

Good practices and habits, such as storing grocery items immediately, can also ensure a tidy kitchen.

These tips have helped me maintain a lovely kitchen despite my busy schedule. I hope you find it helpful as well. Do you have any tips to add? I’d love to hear them.

Creating Best Kitchen Atmosphere

Creating Best Kitchen Atmosphere

The kitchen has certainly undergone a great makeover now. In a recent food contest I’d attended as a judge, the contestants had prepared the dishes in a very modernized and sleek kitchen. The appliances were of the latest models and the kitchen design itself was so wonderful that the contestants were very excited to cook. I myself was enthralled by the various trendy and ergonomic designs of the counter-tops and the chic looking cabinets, which was space saving too.

Looking at the designs had me thinking that the ambiance created by the design surely has a great impact on the taste too, as I found out after tasting the dishes the contestants made. I had a tough time deciding on the best dish. The sponsor of the contest, an architect and designer specializing in kitchen projects, had a lot to share with me about the kitchen design. Here are some of his insights on kitchen design

Kitchens form the main core of a home, as it is not just cooking, which happens in them but the entire house congregates making them an important place to concentrate on while designing. In many older homes, kitchens are smaller in dimension. But nowadays kitchens include work space, a casual dining area and even space for office work too.

Kitchen needs

Most people look at efficient and convenient work space in their kitchen. Storage space is very important. Hence, cabinet design is given more significance. The architect mentioned that he gave more attention to the details of the woodwork. He especially was very appreciative of the modern equipment used for working on wood such as the perfect oscillating tool he had bought at Master of Diy. With efficient tools, it is easier to design and finish the construction perfectly.

Work space in kitchen

A kitchen island is the most sought after addition in a kitchen. It is the best way to give ample workspace and a place for casual hang out. But the layout of the kitchen has to be considered. And island can be designed as a small breakfast nook in the kitchen along with casual built in seating, so you get a living room atmosphere. When you fuse the two spaces in such a way, they won’t look cramped up.

Kitchen triangle

In the conventional kitchen layouts, the fridge, sink, and cooking area form a triangle to create an efficient working space. But this depends on the tastes of the home owner. Mostly the sink and fridge are the two major points to be connected, while the cooking area can be kept independent or isolated.

Counter tops

As far as counter-tops are concerned, marble is the all-time favorite. White marbles are preferred most but concrete surfaces too are equally popular among residents. Cabinets are mostly made of oak wood.  And upper cabinets are necessary and practical too. A uniform layout of cabinets with glass panels in front gives a more open and spacious feel.

Exterior spaces are an added bonus. A deck that you can use to eat out or have a nice barbeque in is a great addition many people prefer.

Useful Tips For Proper Diet Of Boxers

Useful Tips For Proper Diet Of Boxers

Those who practice boxing, or just follow the matches, know that this is a very arduous sport.  Matches can be long and exhausting. Punches draw the last ounce of energy from the body. That is why training is very intensive. Every good boxer takes care about the diet and knows that the food is its fuel. If the fuel is spent too quickly, or if is bad, there is no strength and no winning.

When we talk about boxing, it is important to keep in mind what kind of food should be eaten during the preparations for the match, and what kind after a hard match. What is the food that will provide enough energy for the win? What foods can cause complications? What to eat to get the body recover from a hard workout or match?

Many people think that for boxing it is enough to be a fighter, to know the technique of boxing and get good boxing gloves. Fighting spirit and techniques are acquired at training, which includes conditional training, but also fights with the partner or on the punching bag. For good technique and a good kick, it is important to choose the right boxing gloves. Clearly, you cannot go to the opponent with bare hands. However, what should not be ignored in this whole story, is a proper nutrition of boxers.

Before the match, it is necessary to get enough energy. Given that food provides fuel for our body, it is clear that the choice of food that a boxer needs to eat before a match, should not be underestimated. The biggest mistake that a boxer can do is to eat a serving of fast food before the match. True, it has a lot of calories, but those calories are spent very quickly. In addition, before the match, the boxer should not eat too big food portions. For a good fight, it is necessary to eat food that provides a lot of power long enough. The best choice are several small portions throughout the day. On the menu should be foods that are quickly digested – fruits, grains, light starch foods. Vegetables such as beans and cabbage can cause gasses, and they should be avoided.

After the match, it is necessary to recover the body. The diet should include plenty of proteins and carbohydrates. Proteins are important for the construction and the maintenance of muscle mass.  Carbohydrates restore glycogen levels to normal and prevent energy waste from the muscles. It is wrong to think that, after the match, the body should be rewarded with anything. A good athlete will always take care to choose a healthy source of nutrients. This means, for example, choose a banana, cereals or some other source of carbohydrates instead of chocolate, and get proteins from meat or eggs.

When a match season is over, a healthy diet should be continued. Training is less intense, and the food should be adjusted. It is best to rely on the scheme 20% of proteins, 20% of fats and 60% of healthy carbohydrates.

Boxing is a sport that consumes a lot of energy. For good results, in addition to boxing gloves, it is necessary to put a good diet in the ring

All Natural Wooden Seating

All Natural Wooden SeatingThere’s something primal about sitting down with a bunch of other people and having everyone stuff their faces at the same time. Feasts like that are ubiquitous with good times, celebrations and happiness in most of the world’s cultures. Events like weddings, anniversaries, graduations, children coming of age and other significant moments tend to have a lot of food somewhere in the mix. But the food is really the final concern for these arrangements. Before you have something to eat you need a place for people to sit, unless you’re trying for some sort of standing room only event.

There are a number of ways to remedy this situation. Many people buy patio or other outdoor furniture for events with too many people attending to keep them all cooped up indoors. This can become very expensive very quickly though – just look and see for yourself what a patio seat to seat 4 could cost. Thankfully there are far more affordable alternatives to the stuff you can find in stores. You probably won’t be able to find the furniture I’m describing in any store at all, though you might be able to pick up the materials (or have them shipped) from a lumber yard.

I’m talking about benches, sort of like bleachers, made from split logs. If you happen to have access to a log splitter like the Troy Built Hydraulic Gas Splitter, you could do work like this yourself. But the odds are good that most people reading this won’t have access to those kinds of tools, so they will need to purchase from someone else who does, hence the lumber yard comment up above. Because these businesses tend to have the logs and the splitting machines all in one place, you may actually have a reason to go and visit one near you.

Once you have your split log and a space has been set aside for the two halves, you need to do a lot of sanding and smoothing work. The rough edges from the bark will make a good bottom or base for each of the half log benches, but the sitting area must be made smooth and flat to avoid irritating or harming your guests with things like splinters and slivers. Sealing the flat, sanded side of the log halves will prevent rainwater and other moisture from leeching into the wood and warping it, which is just about the only way a bench like this could get damaged or destroyed.

What could be better than sitting everyone down side by side, shoulder to shoulder, with half the group on each side of the table separating them? It might not be desirable with total strangers, but I’m talking about gatherings with friends, family, relatives and the like. This isn’t something you can just do with a handsaw though. If you don’t have access to a log splitter or table saw, again, it could be possible that a lumber yard or home improvement business in or around your area can get you in touch with the right people.

Ways To Work Up A Decent Appetite

Ways To Work Up A Decent Appetite

I think just about everyone knows you shouldn’t go swimming right after eating. It’s a downright dangerous idea because of how your body, while digesting food, can cramp up severely when you try to work all of its muscles, like you do when you climb into a body of water and start making waves. On the other hand, swimming first to build up an appetite and then eating once you’re out of the water is totally safe. You’ll want to wait before climbing back into your pool, pond, lake or other body of water again after eating though, naturally.

runing is a great way to work up the appetite

Runing is a great way to work up the appetite

There are plenty of other ways to work up a decent appetite too, me and my husband found plenty of them. Just from doing work around the house and fixing things that need fixing, we’ve made quite the appetite in the past. Have you ever tried sanding down a bunch of rough, recycled wooden planks to get a start on some new flooring? It’s a hard work, even with a belt sander to automate most of it; difficult, sweaty work that can get anyone hungry.

Our bodies need energy to perform tasks, and we need food to convert to energy, or at least quality energy. I’m not talking about the massive B vitamin shock and caffeine overdose you get from things like energy shots or drinks. There is good energy and there is bad energy, that’s something that’s worth keeping in mind. There are wholesome foods and there are junk foods. What is more important than anything though is getting enough water, especially if you’re sweating it out, while working under hot or strenuous conditions.

Getting back to those sanders for a moment, they aren’t exactly small or light. I’m talking about heavy duty equipment meant for extended use in harsh conditions, the sort of thing people who do this kind of stuff for a living would rely on for their livelihoods. My husband uses a MAKITA 9403, he says it gets some pretty rave reviews from people who are looking for this sort of stuff. But preparing planks is just the start of creating a floor for a new room. There’s drywall to put up, wires to run and lots of other work left to be done.

Just thinking about it now actually makes me kind of hungry. Working on houses is pretty hard – I’m kind of glad it’s not my day job. But I can kind of imagine what it’s like for the people who do it day in and day out. I would never want to be in construction, but I think I understand very well how people feel after working on buildings all day. They get hungry, and they want to eat, which is just fine. Do any of you have a time where you remember feeling famished after working hard all day? A little corroboration here would be nice.

Just Ate? Wait Before Swimming

Just Ate? Wait Before Swimming

Swimming can be a lot of fun, as well as a great way to get exercise for all the muscle groups throughout your body thanks to the way it gets everything involved. It’s really one of the best exercises for anyone because of this. However, swimming can also be quite dangerous, especially if you don’t practice proper safety protocols while doing so. If you’ve just eaten, you need to give your body some time to digest that food before you go leaping into a body of water. Don’t think those potentially fatal cramps won’t happen to you – they very well may.

The reason those cramps happen is actually the same reason swimming is such an excellent form of exercise for practically anyone. Swimming is practically the only exercise in the world which works all of the body’s muscle groups simultaneously. Arms, legs, core and even often neglected areas like the neck and shoulders all get a workout when you go swimming. The problem with this is that while your body is digesting food, it isn’t ready for that kind of workout. As a foodie, this is something I had to learn a long time ago.

I’m actually kind of surprised that more people don’t adequately understand the dangers of swimming after eating without giving their bodies enough time to be ready for such an act. It’s not that the cramps themselves are fatal, but when it suddenly becomes incredibly painful to move and movement actually equates to remaining alive like it does when swimming in water where you can’t simply stand up, that’s a huge problem. I’ve heard plenty of stories about this but I’m not going to share them here. Just trust me – it happens.

If you do decide to hit up a pool immediately after eating, be positive you can comfortably stand in it without needing to pump your legs or arms. A good rule is to look and see how deep it is before you even try climbing in, though you’d need a pool with especially clean water to be able to do that. Hopefully the pool you’re eyeing has some sort of nice canister filter or other automatic system in place to keep the water clean. Still, I wouldn’t recommend getting in the water at all, but hey, I’ve been there before.

I know how it can be, especially when it’s hot outside, like if you’re at a picnic or grilling out at home. After enduring the heat of the day and only adding to it by filling your belly with hot food, a swim would sound fantastic. In the end though, you’ve got to think about your safety and then act accordingly. Maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea if there were a bunch of other, more mobile people around in case something bad did happen. But would you really want to knowingly be a liability to your fellow guests? I’m going to guess not. Who would?

Food Classics That Will Never Go Out of Style

Food Classics That Will Never Go Out of Style

Everyone has their one favorite meal that would they would love to eat every day if given the chance, though it should be mentioned that if most of these people were granted their wish, their favorite food would soon turn into the worst thing you could give them after a period of time. What a lot of people do not realize is that the human taste buds is different from that of most other animals in that it needs a variety of flavors to satisfy its palette.

This is why it is actually possible for an individual to get sick of what is seen as crowd favorites such as ice cream and chocolates after consuming them on a regular basis for a long period of time. Of course in circumstances like that just mentioned it is probably a good thing with regard to the health factors involved. One might have to keep a microdermabrasion machine in a bid to maintain any semblance of smooth skin after such a diet.

However there are certain food categories that can be considered to be classics in the food world and these include junk food as well. The inclusion of some snacks under the junk food category is due to the fact that a more realistic compilation consists of ALL the things that are liked by a majority of the people in that area. Including the foods that are not that advisable to like as well. In order to be listed as a classic, the foods mentioned had to be popular not only around the country, but on a global scale. And they had to be really loved by people – one of them was the reason my friend went online looking for an efficient way to treat her bad complexion (here is what she found). Some of these foods include:

French Fries

French fries do not hold the most nutritious value in their ingredients but their popularity has been gaining traction since the introduction of the knife to potatoes and it has not seemed like easing up ever since. The concept of fried potatoes drained in a pool of ketchup has been experienced by a majority of people at one point or the other and a good number of people still continue to enjoy this crispy treat today. It should be noted that a highly regular diet of these fries could be harmful to one’s health if their consumption is not kept in check.

Peanut Butter and Jelly

This will always be the most famous sandwich made by mothers all over the world. Unlike French fries which is usually deep fried in oil destroying any hope of nutrition, the making of peanut butter and jelly does not have such an eradicating effect on its nutritional value and act as a good supplement for an active child during the day.

Macaroni and Cheese

This is another combination that might not quite be on the healthy side but is a popular dish nonetheless. The main attraction for most people when it comes to Macaroni and Cheese is the fact that it is not a complicated dish and only takes a short time to prepare.