Pool Party: The necessary preparations

Pool Party: The necessary preparations

Summer is the right time to party, especially a pool party. Yeah, I love it so much! So, with vacations starting and the sun beckoning you to explore the outdoors, it does not make sense hiding indoors and missing the fun. A pool party needs lots of preparation to make it enjoyable to one and all. Here are some tips on making your pool party a big success.

Ensure that the pool is maintained in proper condition. Check with the filters and clean the pool. For better relaxation, heating the pool or using Jacuzzi would help. Pool necessities including shampoo, sunblock, lotion and soap should be stocked near the bathroom and pool areas.

Seeing to the food

Food plays an important part in a party and should be given due attention. Further splashing about in the pool makes guest hungry, so you need to keep the food ready at hand. Remember to keep the cooler filled with all the necessary drinks so the guests are hydrated. For drinks, serve tall glasses of fruit juices or chill the juice in cube form by freezing them in the cube trays.

For appetizer, you can prepare an antipasto dish of fresh vegetables, fruit, water crackers and pita chips and an easy to prepare eggplant spread and dip made of red pepper. Grilled food is best for outdoors, and kebabs make good pool party food.

For the salad, you can try a light and sweet fruit salad made of tropical fruits. Making it is also easy. You just toss limejuice and honey with an assortment of tropical fruits to get a wonderfully tasty and refreshing salad.

For dessert, lemonade cupcakes are the all-time favorites. You can garnish the cupcakes in any way you like. For the main course, a bean slaw and chicken wrap would be a great and mess free way to eat. Wrapping the rolls in paper to hold all the ingredients and tying with a colorful ribbon gives a great appearance.

Other necessities

Remind guests to bring along their bathing suits, and towels, if you won’t have enough. Prepare room for changing into the suits and add sufficient number of tables and chairs for guests. Set up a good supply of cups, napkins, plates and other necessary utensils on the tables.

And remember to have the audio system set up near the party area, so you have a pleasant and lively music playing in the background. Surf music would be an added advantage.

Decorating is another important area you should pay attention to. The decor adds vibrancy to the setting. You can arrange seashells and sand near the kids ‘area or use sandboxes placed near the pool area to make it appear as a seaside spot.

If the party goes on after sunset, make sure you add the right lighting arrangement. You can use lanterns with candles and hang Christmas lights on tree limbs to give a festive look. Citronella candles would help in deterring the insects. Pool party is not complete without games. Prepare some games in advance, so guests are entertained all the way.