Street food around the globe

Street food around the globe

Can you ever imagine roaming on the streets on New York and not trying a donut or a bagel? Can you separate Paris out from the crepes? Street food, quite simply, define the whole food system of a place. The street food, characteristic of every region, must never be missed. It depicts the raw and unconditional love for food.

So, if you are touring across the globe, what are the street foods that you must try? We provide you with a list here. Yes, these are delicious and will have some of the best effects on your taste buds!

DÜRÜM: A typical choice of street food in Istanbul, durum is more like a sumptuous wrap with exciting Turkish toppings inside. Different types of meat and vegetables are common inside these rolls. The crispiness is a great attraction for the food lovers.

SUPPLÌ: When you are in Rome, be a Roman and nothing is more typically Roman than trying out the place’s favorite street food item in supplì. These fried rice balls come with cheese oozing out from the insides. This is a traditional recipe and a must have in Rome.

PORK SATAY: Bangkok gives you one of the best experiences in street foods in the form of pork satay. Meat slices, marinated in coconut oil and some spices are grilled on charcoal. The end result is nothing short of amazing!

TACOS AL PASTOR: Tacos are probably one of the most exciting food item s to have in Mexico City. Once again, meat slices are marinated in spices and then cooked to be placed inside the tacos.

this food looks tasty! should i try it outBHEL PURI: Mumbai is incomplete without this adorable street food. It gets your taste buds active. Found all over India, this is best known in Mumbai and is a classic mixture of vegetables, spices, chutneys and fried vermicelli like noodles. The spices will please you! If you are living in Mumbai, you have to try this. Bhel puri stalls are pretty famous in this part of the world.

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CRÊPES: Paris will never cease to amaze you with its street food. Made from buckwheat flour, crêpes are typically sweet to taste and contain eggs, vegetables and meat.

EGG WAFFLE: This innovative food item is prepared in Hong Kong by cooking an eggy batter between metal plates. The simplicity of this extremely delicious junk food will attract you.

CURRYWURST: Most popular in Berlin, currywurst gives you pork sausage that is first boiled and then fried. These are best eaten with French fries or bread.

FALAFEL: Falafel is quite simply the torch bearer of Israeli cuisine. This is a type of sandwich with exciting ingredients inside. Vegetables and spices define the falafels.

HALO-HALO: Philippines gives you one of the most mouth watering sundaes ever. Beyond the top ice and milk, you will be greeted with beans, palm fruits, crushed rice, jackfruits and the likes. This is a popular dessert in Southeast Asia.

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