Survival Cooking: A Must Learn Cooking Technique

Survival Cooking: A Must Learn Cooking Technique

As a culinary judge, I’ve probably seen thousands of impressive cooking techniques. From simple sautéing to roasting to braising, all of these techniques create sumptuous dishes. But there’s one cooking technique that everyone should learn – survival cooking.

Survival cooking is cooking without the use of any modern conveniences such as kitchen stove or electricity. It’s going back to the basics. It may seem primitive and tough but once you’ve mastered it, it’ll be a very useful life skill.

Likely a future catastrophe will shut down the grid and render your kitchen useless. Although that can be tragic, you don’t have to settle with unpalatable canned foods. You actually don’t need electric oven, microwave, or gas-powered stove to cook up a tasty meal.

With survival cooking, you can make an enjoyable mealtime even in the midst of an apocalypse. That’s how important survival cooking is.

Here let’s take a look at five cooking techniques for survival:

  1. Frying in foil

No need use a pan to fry foods, a little bit of aluminum foil will do. Using a kitchen knife (or the best pocket knife for a more survival-ish feel) cut the meat (fish or pork) into thin shreds. Place it in the middle of foil, sprinkle with edible oil, and fold the foil. Throw it on a dying bed of coals to slowly fry the food.

  1. Baking in a can

Got no working oven but want to bake? No worries. Just get an empty tin can, place your food inside it, add some seasoning, and you’re ready for a sumptuous roasted meat! Light up coals or wood and bury the stuffed tin can under the coal. Just wait for a few minutes and you’re fresh hot roasted meat is ready to serve!

  1. Kebabs or barbecue

Well, this one’s no-brainer. Just look for a long pointy stick, sharpen the edge using any of the hunting knives reviewed at this site:, and insert your food item into the stick. Simply hold it (or prop up) close to the fire. Rotate the stick every few minutes for an even cook. They say that this is the most primitive cooking method. We won’t prove it but one thing’s for sure: it tastes great!

  1. Boiling with a can

Well, it appears the tin can save you when doomsday comes. Aside from being used for baking, you can also boil in a can. You can use tin cans for your teas or soups. To boil, simply fill the can with water and place it over improvised rack. Another way of heating the can is by placing it in the ashes on the edge of the fire. Another alternative is by piercing lips on two side of the can and placing wire on each opening. Using sticks, hang the tin can over the fire. This will cook the food faster.

There you have the four simple survival cooking techniques. While the rest of the world feasts on cold, canned foods for meals, you can cook fresh hot meals using your survival cooking skills. You’ll never go hungry with this very important life skill!