The Awesome Biker’s Diet

The Awesome Biker’s Diet

I often see bikers zooming past me on the highway, and I find myself thinking – there seem to be four things that seem to be necessary for being a biker – getting a great bike, picking a good helmet, having a leather jacket, and being overweight (?). This question has been nagging me for a long time – why are a lot of them overweight? So I talked to some of my friends, and decided to write some tips and tricks for staying fit, even if you are an awesome biker dude!

Be a smart snacker!

I know that it’s hard to maintain a healthy diet on the road, but if you’re going to snack, be smart about it. If you have a craving, satisfy it with something healthy and light. Try some snacks which are full of protein like a piece of fruit or peanut butter.

thats what i call The BreakfastEat a big breakfast!

A research show that eating a big breakfast full of protein and carbohydrates makes you more full during the whole day, and lets you avoid pigging-out at lunch. Just make sure your breakfast isn’t something really unhealthy like a ton of deep fired bacon!

Be careful with drinking

You might not know this, but you can actually get fat from drinking. Alcoholic drinks contain a lot of calories, so if you’re a heavy drinker, you should cut back a bit. A beer or two now and again won’t hurt, but make sure you don’t go overboard.  If you decided to take few shots though, be sure to wear safety helmet!

Eat fruit twice a day

They say that it is best to eat five meals a day – three large and two small ones. The small meals should consist of fruit. Over 80% of people eat too little fruit, so don’t be one of them! Fruit has no fat and mostly consists of water, so it will make you feel full, without making you fat. Even if fruit has a high carb count, don’t worry! Those are the good kind of carbs!

Avoid HFCS

HFCS – high-fructose corn syrup has been shown to have a strong link to weight gain. Avoid HFCS-sweetened beverages. Although they have the same amount of calories as drinks sweetened with sugar, they are processed differently by the body, so you end up gaining more weight!

Junk food makes you a junkie

Research shows that junk food is addictive! That is why it’s so hard to resist having just one more potato chip, or one last hamburger. If you want to reduce the amount of junk food you eat, you have to remember that. When you stop eating it, you body will have urges and you will go through withdrawal. Keep in mind that this state is temporary, and it should pass within a week or two. Just be persistent and ditch that junk!

Enjoy your food

This tip is my favourite! When you eat, savour your meals and enjoy every bite. When you take your time and chew each bite thoroughly, you feel full quicker, and life just gets better! I should know!