What natural foods can you grow at home?

What natural foods can you grow at home?

People are becoming very conscious day by day about their foods. This is because many harmful chemical are being used to grow many natural foods. Therefore, many people are growing natural foods on their own at home. It not necessary for you to be a farmer to grow few plants at home. Spending a portion of your leisure time can make that possible. Growing natural foods at home with awesome modern LED technology you can eat fresh and healthy foods. At the same time you can save your money that you would otherwise spend to buy those foods. Few natural foods that can be grown at home are discussed here.


You can grow cauliflower in your garden quite easily. Remember cauliflowers needs fertile soil that has well drainage facilities. It is better to add some fertilizer to the soil well in advance before cultivating cauliflower. Shelter spot increases the growth of cauliflower. Do not forget to water them time to time.


It is quite easy to grow ginger at home. Just buy some ginger chunks and cover them with soil at pots or in the garden facing the freshest bud up. Ensure indirect sunlight for best result.


Growing broccoli is much more similar to growing cauliflower at home. Broccoli needs the same soil condition as cauliflower needs. It is wise to cultivate broccoli after every two years for best growth at the same soil.


This is another common and popular vegetable that you can grow at your home in abundance. Potato best grows in worm and moist place. Make sure the soil has proper drainage facilities as sogginess could hamper growth of them. Ensure the maximum sunlight for the soil possible.


Autumn is the best time to grow blackberries. At this time of the year blackberry plants get sufficient sunlight without over exposing roots. Make an arch for the blackberry bush to grow. Add some fertilizer to the soil at spring. Do not forget to water them time to time but make sure the soil does not get soggy.


Sandy soil is ideal for growing asparagus. Find a sheltered but open place for their bed. You can grow them from both seeds and crowns. Make the bed for asparagus raised.


Once you grow an apple tree in your garden, you do not to buy apples from market for many years. Before you plant a apple tree make sure the soil is well fertilized. You can use organic materials or compost to the soil. Make a wide hole into the soil to plant the young tree. You can put some compost at the bottom of that hole for better growth. Gently fill the hole with soil mixed with compost.